• Lemon and Blueberry Bundt Cake

    February 17, 2016Sew-White

    A simple pleasure in life is a slice of delicious homemade cake with a cup of tea. My latest bundt cake is a super mix of lemon and blueberries but isn’t too sweet. I love bundt cakes as they are so simple to make and look beautiful straight of the tin. Lemon and Blueberry Bundt…

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  • Lemon and Blueberry Muffins

    October 8, 2015Sew-White

    I love a blueberry in a cake. They work so well and aren’t too heavy to sink when baked especially cakes at this size. These muffins or cupcakes, whatever you want to call them, are so light and the fruit adds a sweet and sharpness which compliments the cakey texture. They are easy to make…

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