Foodie Afternoon Tea Party

A group of U.K. food bloggers met together to enjoy a meal and chat all things food. Enjoy my post about the Food Blogger Afternoon Tea.

Last Saturday I was lucky enough to be invited to an afternoon tea party with a group of food bloggers. It was an incredible and wonderful afternoon/evening. I got to meet so many of the wonderful food bloggers who I follow online. We all bought a dish for the dinner and there were some incredible things on offer. I took my gorgeous olive bread and a roasted tomato salad with mint and mozzarella.

Making olive bread with Allinson strong white bread flour

My gorgeous roasted tomatoes getting gooey in their dressing before serving. Find the recipe here.

sun roasted tomatoes recipe

Finished olive bread rolls ready to go.

olive bread fresh out of the oven

Food Blogger Afternoon Tea

The table from one end. Look at all the food!

Sew White Foodie Afternoon Tea Party_05

The table from the other end had so much food for us all. The table was stunningly beautiful and the added candles made is so special.

Sew White Foodie Afternoon Tea Party_06

My salad ready for the table. Love roast tomatoes!

Sew White Foodie Afternoon Tea Party_08

The tasty tart, my roast tomato salad and the gorgeous chocolatey brownies.

Sew White Foodie Afternoon Tea Party_07

Heartshaped mozzarella with buffalo tomatoes

Sew White Foodie Afternoon Tea Party_14

Baked cheesecake with fresh strawberries. Delicious.

Sew White Foodie Afternoon Tea Party_09

Gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free chocolate and orange cake.

Sew White Foodie Afternoon Tea Party_10

Intense, made with no butter and very chocolaty brownies and Galette du Bois.

Sew White Foodie Afternoon Tea Party_11

Gorgeous Tiramisu – I had two!

Tiramisu served at the Foodie Afternoon Tea Party

The lovely ladies who I was very lucky to finally meet and enjoy their bakes were


A big thank you to Farrah, who makes the amazing Moose Maple Butter, for organising it

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  1. Thanks for the lovely post and beautiful photos Sisley! Your roasted tomato salad was DIVINE as were those delicious olive bread rolls – thank you! Was so lovely to spend time with you and everyone else!


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