Gingerbread Georgian Town House with OXO Good Grips

Why make a gingerbread cottage when you can make a Gingerbread Georgian Town House! I loved making this huge gingerbread structure and it looked wonderful.

The Christmas OXO and Stork got together to set bloggers a gingerbread challenge using their new good grips products. Their products are lovely. Strong and as the name suggests they have excellent grips which makes baking so much easier especially when you’re working with greasy things like buttery gingerbread. For my gingerbread house this year I wanted to try something hard and special. I wanted to make a Georgian town house! Why not aim big when creating gingerbread houses. I was very lucky that what I imagined mostly was made. In my mind I was a lot better at piping.

Sew White Georgian town house gingerbread 1

A love of Gingerbread Houses

OXO Good Grips are fantastic little products and incredibly useful. The mini weighing scales are so cute. I don’t know why but things in miniature are cute! The measuring spoons are lovely and they have a little leveling piece so you can get precise amounts.

The 8 piece decorating kit is pretty awesome. Two bottles which I thought I would be a bit small but were perfectly sized to hold. There was a good mix of nozzle patterns and sizes included. The silicone spatula is very light and really helps scrape the mixing bowl. The whisk is so strong and large. I love it. As I couldn’t find my sieve I used the whisk to break up the flour. I’d never used Stork butter before for gingerbread or biscuits but to my surprise it worked very well. I used the stork melted instead of unsalted butter and it worked like a treat. I would recommend it.
You can see all the lovely kitchen and baking accessories on their website The egg separator from OXO is on my wishlist.

Of course for gingerbread you need dark muscovado – I love Billington’s sugar for this. It’s so rich and it’s darkness brings out a gorgeous colour gingerbread. You also need golden syrup and there isn’t any other brand other than Lyle’s for me to use for baking. I used the gingerbread recipe from the Great British Bake Off stoppers book with extra ginger and cinnamon.

Getting started on the Gingerbread Georgian Town House

So much flour so little time! I made two batches for the construction of the house. I think one would have worked but I wanted to make sure. The spatula was so useful to to mix it all together and scrap down the sides of the bowl.

I used my Christmas gingerbread recipe.

Sew White Georgian town house gingerbread 6

When it came to measuring the ginger and mixed spice for the flavour the spoons were so sweet. I love the big dots of colour to show which of the sizes I needed. The scraper bit was rather fun too. Very good for those of us who are rather OCD when it comes to baking.

Sew White Georgian town house gingerbread 5

The little weighing scales were brilliant and measured up to 500g and had ounces on the other side. I did have to measure the flour and sugar in two goes as it was so big for it’s weight. I really like this and it’s so light. It would be a brilliant gift or purchase for bakers with small kitchens and limited space to store items.

Sew White Georgian town house gingerbread 3

It then came to decorating the gingerbread and I suddenly got very worried. My icing skills are not the best but the little squeeze nozzle bottles were brilliant. The bottle was big enough to fit in my hand and I could get a good grip on it and hold it steady while I piped.

I loved the collection of nozzles included but the only thing I would have liked was a smaller round tip nozzle for piping. It does include a line nozzle but it did make the line rather thick but I liked piping with it.

Sew White Georgian town house gingerbread 7

Here is my gingerbread house taking shape. I really liked the bottle. Even though small it fits in more than you think it would. Plus it was so easy to hold. I really don’t like piping bags and this is a great piece of kit I will be using for all my icing needs from now on. It gave me a lot of confidence and I really want to ice more biscuits now.

Sew White Georgian town house gingerbread 8

The finished house

Ta-da! Here is my finished Georgian town house made of gingerbread.  I wasn’t planning on doing blue lines around the windows but as the colour I put in was a bit too pale there wasn’t a defined enough line. I have to say I really do like the mix of white, light blue and sky blue on the gingerbread. The colours works very well.

Sew White Georgian town house gingerbread 9
I’m so impressed with my efforts and I’m really proud of my creation. Especially as my friends and family saw it and knew it was a Georgian house straight away.

I was sent the OXO good grips and stork to try out.
All opinion and work is my own.

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