Homemade Vanilla Extract

With my Homemade Vanilla Extract you can stock up on the delicious flavour perfect for your bakes and without nasty additives.

Sew White making your own vanilla extract 1

Vanilla extract is one of those kitchen and baking things I absolutely love and always treat myself to a proper natural flavour one. I don’t want the vanilla messed around with or artificially made. I came across a simple recipe to make it at home and it is easily the best vanilla extract I’ve ever used or tasted.

Sew White making your own vanilla extract 2

Beautiful fresh vanilla from a French market all the way from Africa. They were so soft yet slightly greasy to touch and the smell from just 10 was so overpoweringly beautiful and delicious. Only touching them for a few minutes and I smelled like vanilla for ages!

Homemade Vanilla Extract
Author: Sisley White
Prep time:
Total time:
Serves: 1 bottle
I used fresh vanilla pods which is why there are so many in my bottle. As well as making the extract the vodka preserves the vanilla so you can use them for baking with later.
  • At least 3 vanilla pods
  • vodka
  1. Take one sterilised bottle.
  2. Cut two of the vanilla pods open and add to the bottle with the other whole ones.
  3. Add the vodka to the bottle almost to the top.
  4. Place the extract in a cupboard or somewhere out of the way for 6 months until the vodka changes colour and starts to taste like vanilla.
When you use the vanilla extract it will be very wet so make sure you don’t add too much. After a long time it will be very strong to taste so you won’t need much to flavour what you’re baking.

 Sew White making your own vanilla extract 3

 The vanilla pods in the vodka on day one compared to the vanilla extract after six months in the cupboard. It looks so beautiful backlit! Does anyone else think it sort of looks like aliens or weird underwater animals about to move and jump out? Just me then!

Sew White making your own vanilla extract 4

So beautiful and so tasty! They also brilliant gifts.

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    • I’ve never seen fresh ones before and the smell is worth it alone but you have to be quick as they go mouldy so fast. You need to pop them straight into the vodka to preserve them


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