Mother’s Day afternoon tea with Le Creuset

Enjoy a wonderful Mother’s Day afternoon tea with Le Creuset. I’ve been creating a fun afternoon tea perfect to treat mum with this Sunday.

Mother’s Day is less than a week away and there are so many of us with mums who love food, especially when it’s made for them as a treat. I’ve partnered with Le Creuset to create a indulgent afternoon tea that is easy to make at home.

Afternoon tea served with the chiffon pink glace teapot served with lots of freshly baked treats and fresh fruit.

Le Creuset is a brand that everyone knows and is the kitchen for so many families. When you mention this iconic brand nearly everyone has a story about the Le Creuset pan they’ve had for years they were given as a wedding present. Or their memories of the iconic casserole being the centre of their mother’s cooking.

My parents had a classic volcanic orange Le Creuset casserole dish which they bought when they first started dating. It was used for nearly 30 years before it finally it passed over to the great big kitchen in the sky. I have such strong memories of it being used and dinner being served from it. I learned how to makes stews in it and it is seared into my mind with many happy foodie family moments.

Mother’s Day afternoon tea with Le Creuset and the brand new Glacé Collection.

Newly released at Le Creuset is the Stoneware Glacé Collection. The ultra shine glaze makes their already iconic kitchenware even cuter. If that was at all possible. It’s the perfect base kit for an afternoon tea.

As tea fans the teapot was the first thing out of the box. The pearlised chiffon pink colour is so lovely and makes you want to use it over and over again just so you can use it and see it. It might be a little teapot but it still holds a good 2 cups. Plus it’s dishwasher proof too which is always a bonus.

The cutest stoneware cafetiere in a pastel blue. Have you ever seen a stoneware cafetiere before? It’s so sturdy and elegant. It’s already being used in our daily tea habbits. It serves 2 easily and because it’s stoneware the coffee stays warm for a long time.

Serving up afternoon tea on the chiffon pink Le Creuset heart plate

In the matching chiffon pink is the heart plate. It is so adorable! It’s a great size plus being used for afternoon tea can fit a lot of treats on. I’m sure I’m not the only one who loves a large plate for their food.

Stoneware cafetiere from Le Creuset galce collection along afternoon tea sandwiches, macarons and fruit

The Glacé collection also includes a fantastic set of mugs. (Espresso mugs in the same style are available too.) The set includes a chiffon pink, elysees yellow, pale cool mint and pale coastal blue. They all work together so well like all Le Creuset products. The thick stoneware also keeps the tea or coffee hot for such a long time. They are also super sturdy and wonderful to hold.

It gives you that feeling of being safe and warm that you only get with a good cup of tea in a proper mug.

A cup of tea in the Le cureset stoneware glace collection mug served with macarons.

Afternoon Tea

For my Mother’s Day afternoon tea I wanted to include a mix of delicious things that the family could pick at and enjoy. Everyone can get something they liked, always a winning aspect of afternoon tea in my book. A sweet treat buffet of little delicacies.

Freshly made scones with clotted cream and jam perfect for mother's day on the heart shaped plate from Le Crueset.
Click here to be taken to the fruit scone recipe.

I created my favourite waffles bites, fruit scones and the wonderful traditional little sandwiches. I went for the classic cucumber with cress and ham and lettuce which is a family favourite.

The glace collection at Le Creuset includes the beautiful teapot and chiffon pink jug.

In the collection there is also the cutest jug. It’s big enough to be fantastic for custard and cream however I’ve been using it for little bunch of flowers to be on my desk. The softest pink colour works great for a pink posy but also is soft enough to work well with stronger colour flowers too.

Waffle bites with chocolate hazelnut spread topped with fresh fruit. Perfect for afternoon tea. Recipe by Sisley White at Sew White
Click here to be taken to the waffle bites recipe.

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Disclaimer: Mother's Day Promotion with Le Creuset

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