Owl Birthday Cake How To Tutorial

Owl Birthday Cake Tutorial. An easy way to make a gorgeous three tiered celebration cake with a cheeky owl as the top layer.

It’s taken me so long to get the first images from my birthday cake up on the blog.

For this first post I took a few photos as I went along you can see how the owl and bottom two tiers were made. Hope you like them!

First off a lot of eggs were used to make these two Madeira cakes.
The big one was a 9 egg and the small was a 5 egg. (time to invest in chickens I think)

The 3rd cake was a 9 egg Madeira cake again and this one was for the owl.

Using a paper template on the Owl Birthday Cake Tutorial

Trimming the cake

Next I trimmed the two round cakes of their bumps to make it level. I used a cake wire and a knife. The bottom tier was a bit crustier around the edges so it needed to be started off with the knife. I then covered both layers with buttercream after sandwiching the two halves of each size with jam.

Time to cut the owl. Unfortunately I was concentrating so hard I didn’t take any photos. However my video on youtube for the chocolate owl cakes shows how I did it. https://www.youtube.com/thesewwhite

As me and my dad were cutting him we accidentally pressed to hard as you can see by the hole here. Luckily we filled it with buttercream and it was fine! I hope you’re enjoying my Owl Birthday Cake Tutorial so far.

Assembling the cake for the Owl Birthday Cake Tutorial

Covered in butter cream and ready to be covered with chocolate fondant/sugar paste.

Covering the Owl

As my dad and I were trying to cover the owl we didn’t capture the moment as it happened. However we rolled out a piece of chocolate sugar paste as wide as the owl plus half of the side measurement. So the covering would go up and over his head. You get the idea below.

Once you’ve got the sugar paste/fondant over you will get a join on the sides and what we did was to cup the pieces so they met like curtains. Then we used a smoother/polisher to make them smooth. You don’t need to worry about the sides too much. When you add wings they will cover the cut marks.

Owl Birthday Cake Template

If you want to make your own owl cake I’ve posted the template I made below. It should open up large when you click on it and then just simply download and print off. It’s fairly large so you can make it any size you need.

Me rolling out the sugar paste for the round cakes – I’m using my rolling mat. With the circles on it’s great for trying to get the sugar paste as round as possible. Plus each circle on the mat has different sizes so I knew exactly how wide I need to go so nothing was wasted.

Part two of the owl cake tutorial.

Once the white sugar paste was on and smoothed I started making the lace border using lace cutters and pink sugar paste. (I am hoping to have these cutters at Sew White soon). The lace looked lovely.

white cake with pink sugarpaste happy birthday written on it

While I worked on the lace my dad was stamping out all the letters for me. I used edible glue to stick them and then a little vodka when the glue ran out. Vodka dries tasteless and clear is great for sticking sugar paste pieces together.

After the covering the cake in chocolate fondant I made the pink belly-
-to start with I cut a large circle in pink fondant to work on.
-I then started cutting out loads of circles of pink don ant
-Then I layered them from the bottom to the top so they stuck out.
-I used edible glue to stick and then let the circle of circles dry.
-When it had dried i stuck the large circle to the belly of the owl as you can see below.
-I laid the owl down so the bell wouldn’t slip off as it was drying to the chocolate sugar paste.

The owls face

 I then cut out 3 circles – 2 large white, 2 medium blue and 2 small black for the eyes and stuck them together and then on to the cake.
-Then a little triangle of yellow for the beak.

Owl Birthday Cake made with sugarpaste fondant

Then I deliberately decided not to cover the bottom of the cake with the chocolate fondant as there would have been a joy line around the base. By leaving the sugar paste slightly too big I could push it in under the owl when it was on the cake. It worked really well to create a neat bottom.

The next part of the decoration was stars! I love stars and decided to use the same pink the owl’s belly and lace, and the blue from the owls eyes. I cut out 3 sizes of star and glued them on over the two layers.

The next step was cutting out a long piece of chocolate fondant as wide enough to go almost the whole way round. I made it long enough to just cover the belly slightly. Make sure you cover the lines of fondant down the sides by measuring so you know exactly how tall the wings need to be.

Below is the template I roughly used.

Here is my in my deepest concentration attaching the wings. (I didn’t even know I was being photographed)

Tada the final cake. I used wooden kebab skewers the full height of the cake to make sure the owl didn’t topple off.

After the first rush of all my family to the cake this is how it looked. I think it looks amazingly yummy.

Pure pride – I am so proud of myself for making this beautiful and really tasty cake and I can’t wait to try a new tiered cake soon.

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