Pg Tips Mellow Tea Night In

#GIFT AD I have loved trying out the new Pg Tips Mellow Tea. It’s very drinkable. Find out how my cosy evening in went with PG Tips.

A huge happiness in life is a night in with a cup of tea and a good film.

On the latest PG Tips quiz after answering all the questions to see which of their new teas I am, I was narrowed down to the mellow tea. 

In the dictionary Mellow is defined as

adjective, mellower, mellowest.

1. soft, sweet, and full-flavored from ripeness, as fruit.
2. well-matured, as wines.
3. soft and rich, as sound, tones, color, or light.
4. made gentle and compassionate by age or maturity; softened.
5. friable or loamy, as soil.
6. mildly and pleasantly intoxicated or high.
7. pleasantly agreeable; free from tension, discord, etc.


I didn’t think I was mellow in any way but reading the description I can see from how my friends describe me it’s pretty perfect. Except the pleasantly intoxicated or high. Unless tea and cake counts as something to be intoxicated by and if it is then count me in.

I think that is rather apt for dealing with my m.e. and having to rest and be calm to get better. I absolutely love it! I was a little sceptical to which tea would be for me but after trying the Strong, Rich, Fresh and Mellow I can confirm the quiz was right. Mellow suits me perfectly. I’m working on the pleasantly agreeable bit.

PG tips mellow tea night in 1

PG Tips Mellow Tea Night in

 For my mellow night in (I will be having more) was very purple from the packaging to my dressing gown, luckily again like the tea I love purple!
I had a hot shower and used the new body wash. It smells amazing. I then put on my pjs and painted my nails while drinking tea and watching a girly film.
A mellow evening was wonderful. I will be recreating it many times.

PG tips mellow tea night in 2

 Ready to watch the movie and my cheeky monkey cuddled up with me. Awww.
He does love a movie night.

PG tips mellow tea night in 3

 The mellow night in was lovely. I watched Austenland from my DVD collection.
It’s a silly yet enjoyable film. If you haven’t seen it and like Austen you must.
I made a pot of tea and had 4 cups during the film.

PG tips mellow tea night in 4

I had a lovely relaxing evening and fell asleep soon after the film finished and slept very well.

I am mellow girl now. Thank you PG Tips for making me so mellow and incredibly happy.

The pack of mellow tea is nearly empty!

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