Recipes using seasonal fruits and vegetables – #CookBlogShare Week 35 & 36

Welcome to my latest #CookBlogShare post! This week (well two weeks as we finish off the summer holidays) I’ve rounded up the best recipes using seasonal fruits and vegetables. There are so many beautiful and delicious seasonal fruit and vegetables that need using up. Plus thanks to a brilliant group of bloggers we have plenty of inspiration for you.

There are still so many varieties of fresh fruit and vegetables available and It’s the best oppertunity to get creative in the kitchen. In this round up I have pulled together some brilliant recipes including main meals, chutneys and preserves, plus some sweet treats too.

Recipes using seasonal fruits and vegetables

Pasta Primavera in the Recipes using seasonal fruits and vegetables round up

Pasta Primavera with Peas and Asparagus by Carrie’s Kitchen is a veggie packed dish tossed with a zingy lemon and garlic sauce. Ready in 15 minutes, it’s easy and so versatile with all the flavours of Spring.

Recipes using seasonal fruits and vegetables

Beetroot Chorizo & Feta Salad by Farmersgirl Kitchen is a wonderful plate of tastes and textures. The beetroot brings a sweet earthy flavour, the chorizo is crisp and spicy and the feta brings a salty, creamy luxury to this simple salad plate. These diverse ingredients sit on a bed of fresh lettuce leaves and the whole dish is brought together by an oil and vinegar dressing sweetened with honey.

Chutney and Preserve recipes using seasonal fruits and vegetables

Spicy tomato chutney in the Recipes using seasonal fruits and vegetables round up

This spicy tomato chutney from Jess Eats and Travels, based on a Bengali recipe, is sweet without being sickly and spicy without being too hot. It’s makes a tasty condiment and lasts for 2+ months in the fridge. A great one to make when you’ve got a glut of tomatoes.

Date chutney

Date and tamarind chutney from Lost in Food is simple to make and transforms Indian food when added to it. Mildly spiced this sweet, rich chutney is a must for any curry night. Date and tamarind chutney is a joy to eat and transforms any dish you add it too. Mildly spiced with a rich, depth of flavour, this spicy date chutney is something I always have a jar of in my fridge.

green chutney in the Recipes using seasonal fruits and vegetables round up

Green chutney from Lost in Food is a fresh flavoured herb chutney made using coriander and mint, blended with chillies and lemon juice. The perfect accompaniment to any curry. Green chutney is simple to make and will transform any Indian dish. Spoon it over your curry, drizzle over your chaat snacks like puris, or for dipping samosas. But equally delicious added to your lunchtime chicken sandwich.

Easy Bakes with fresh apples and blackberries – Recipes using seasonal fruits and vegetables

Apple and blackberry scones

Fruity blackberry and apple scones from Tin and Thyme are made with wholemeal spelt flour and kefir, buttermilk or sour milk to add flavour and help with the rise. They’re easy to make, light and thoroughly delicious. Perfect for foraged autumnal blackberries, although it’s fine to use frozen at any time of the year.

Apple and blackberry bars - Recipes using seasonal fruits and vegetables

These blackberry oat bars from We Made This Vegan are soft, really tasty and naturally sweet and full of protein and goodness. These blackberry oatmeal bars are a perfect late summer / autumn snack, whenever you find that blackberries are in season.

A few of my favourite Recipes using seasonal fruits and vegetables;

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