• Club Sandwich Recipe – Classic Chicken Club

    March 29, 2022Sew-White

    A club sandwich is an iconic sandwich packed full of flavour and a great way to use up leftover roast chicken too. In this club sandwich recipe UK I have given my take on the classic. This tower of toasted bread with chicken, bacon, tomatoes and lettuce with mayo is a real crowd pleaser. A great picnic sandwich idea and perfect for lunchboxes too.

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  • Easy Bacon Sausage Rolls

    November 5, 2021Sew-White

    Adding bacon to sausage rolls is a quick and easy way to add more flavour and make them even more delicious. These smokey bacon sausage rolls can be made ahead of time, frozen and cooked when needed. It might be more of an unusual sausage roll recipe but I can assure you it’s worth making.

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  • Oven Fry Up – Full English Breakfast Traybake

    May 17, 2020Sew-White

    This is the best way to make a full English breakfast even more fun and super easy for a weekend treat. The Oven Fry Up is the perfect family breakfast. Making a full English breakfast on a sheet pan or in a baking tray makes it so much easier than the normal way. Having an option to make a Full English Breakfast in the oven saves time and washing up! A traybake breakfast is definitely the future for easy brunches. Scroll down for the full English breakfast traybake recipe.

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  • Easy Brussels Sprouts – the best garlic bacon Brussels Sprouts

    December 4, 2019Sew-White

    Everyone should try my Easy Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and garlic at least once because that is all it will take for you to want to make them again. These Brussels Sprouts with garlic and bacon are my go-to way to cook Brussels Sprouts for Christmas… and all year long too. Adding garlic to the Bacon Brussels Sprouts add extra flavour and bite to the dish. Bring on the bacon garlic sprouts!

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  • Pears on Toast – Bacon and Balsamic Vinegar

    September 9, 2019Sew-White

    Pears on Toast – Bacon and Balsamic Vinegar. A lovely way of adding pear to create a beautiful breakfast. The balsamic vinegar adds a tartness to the sweet.

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