chef Arup Dasgupta

  • Scotch Pancakes with Peach Compote

    February 13, 2018Sew-White

    How to create the most delicious Scotch Pancakes with Peach Compote.

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  • Flavours from Paris with Chef Arup Dasgupta #NCSupperClubs

    January 22, 2018Sew-White

    To take a trip to another land and experience the incredible food culture it has to offer is a delight. One of the greatest experiences when you love food. So when I was invited to the latest of the exclusive supper clubs by Nesan Thirunesan to enjoy a Parisian dinner by chef Arup Dasgupta I couldn’t resist! The table at the #NCSupperClubs was decorated beautifully. Blue table clothes, red and white gingham napkins. Along with beautiful black cutlery was ready set out and once we sat down the food arrived in front of us. The food was absolutely beautiful and…

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