Flavours from Paris with Chef Arup Dasgupta #NCSupperClubs

To take a trip to another land and experience the incredible food culture it has to offer is a delight. One of the greatest experiences when you love food. So when I was invited to the latest of the exclusive supper clubs by Nesan Thirunesan to enjoy a Parisian dinner by chef Arup Dasgupta I couldn’t resist!

The table at the #NCSupperClubs was decorated beautifully. Blue table clothes, red and white gingham napkins. Along with beautiful black cutlery was ready set out and once we sat down the food arrived in front of us.

The food was absolutely beautiful and the flavours matched how aesthetic stunning each plate was. Watching Arup Dasgupta work was a highlight of the evening for me. The way he arranged the food to the care taken with each plate was mesmerising. I could have watched him cook for hours!

As we took our places we were presented with an amuse-bouche of a mushroom soup which was so rich and earthy. Ooh’s and ahh’s circled the table as we took the first sip. Our passion for Arup Dasgupta’s food has started and we were craving our starters.

The starter was the Le Calvados fete la St Jacques; Scallops with a cauliflowers puree, samphire, golden raisin gel, fennel pollen, caviar, gin foam. For the vegetarians it was the Textures of Artichoke with Globe and Jerusalem. When the plates were bought out they were works of art. The scallops were described as the best ever eaten. While the textures of artichoke proved how versatile the vegetable can be and how delicious.

For Mains

For the main course the group were treated with a venison loin salsify, beetroot, salt baked celeriac, girolles, black olive and quinoa puffs with a venison jus. The venison, one of my favourite meats, was stunning. The most succulent and tender piece of perfectly cooked venison I have had. I think I ate the whole plate in perfect silence savouring each mouthful. The touch of the beetroot was a beautiful addition and complimented the flavour perfectly.

For the vegetarians there was a superb Pomme de terre et petite pois (potato and peas) croquette served with Winter vegetables and polenta. It was delicious and the vegetarians described it as full of flavour, light and very filling.

Time for Dessert

After all this food I thought I wouldn’t be able to eat another thing but some how I always find room for pudding. Chocolate Crémeux, Blood orange gel, burnt peach puree and hazelnut praline. The French classic desert is a smooth creamy chocolate mix similar to a truffle and mousse combined. It was so delicious and the mix with the crisp orange slice and popping candy was a great dessert.

If that wasn’t enough the final part of the evening there was tea, coffee and a tower of Macarons by the incredible cake maker Beck’s Bake.  An absolutely stunning cake decorating and the vibrancy of the red, white and blue macarons were beautiful.

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*Disclaimer – I was invited to the NCSupperClubs to review the event. All opinions are my own*

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