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  • Wafflemeister Review

    March 9, 2018Sew-White

    Waffles are a wonderful thing! I took a trip for a waffle feast at Wafflemeister in Wimbledon and was in for a tasty treat.

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  • Yum Sa Putney Review

    February 24, 2018Sew-White

    Food, Flavour and passion are the ingredients for success at Yum Sa in Putney.  The newly opened Thai restaurant is my latest hidden treasure in South London and one that will get everyone’s attention!

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  • Flavours from Paris with Chef Arup Dasgupta #NCSupperClubs

    January 22, 2018Sew-White

    To take a trip to another land and experience the incredible food culture it has to offer is a delight. One of the greatest experiences when you love food. So when I was invited to the latest of the exclusive supper clubs by Nesan Thirunesan to enjoy a Parisian dinner by chef Arup Dasgupta I couldn’t resist! Watch this video on YouTube The table at the #NCSupperClubs was decorated beautifully. Blue table clothes, red and white gingham napkins. Along with beautiful black cutlery was ready set out and once we sat down the food arrived in front of us. The…

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  • NC SupperClubs at Christmas

    December 20, 2017Sew-White

    On a Christmas wintery night in Wimbledon I arrived for a special evening centring around an incredible feast created by Anjula Devi and Coco Labelle’s Elisabeth Brown with NC Supper Clubs at Christmas. The chefs catering for the latest exclusive supper club, started by Nesan Thirunesan. The house was dressed to impress as were all the guests. From the moment I arrived the food did not stop flowing. The amazing starters which included the pineapple, chilli and pomegranate tarts which had a stunning flavour of fruity, creamy and spicy in one mouthful. The second starter was the cucumber piece topped…

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  • Star Pear Pie

    December 8, 2017Sew-White

    A beautiful Pear Pie topped with stars and perfect for beginner pie makers. It tasted wonderful and pear pie has become a family favourite now.

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  • Wimbledon Winter Wonderland

    Wimbledon Winter Wonderland 2017 – Love Wimbledon

    December 3, 2017Sew-White

    Wimbledon Winter Wonderland is a huge part of the SW19 Christmas tradition now. Check out my photos which capture the atmosphere of the day.

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  • Mojito Bundt Cake Recipe

    November 18, 2017Sew-White

    For a fan of cocktails and cakes the Mojito Bundt Cake is a super simple bake which will impress everyone around the table.

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  • Pho Wimbledon Review

    November 12, 2017Sew-White

    I adore the food at Pho and I was lucky enough to visit their Wimbledon restaurant to review their menu. I explored the menu and found new favourites.

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  • Hotel du Vin Wimbledon Autumn Menu

    November 5, 2017Sew-White

    I visited Hotel du Vin Wimbledon to try their Autumn Menu in the gorgeous Cannizaro House on Wimbledon Common. Take a look at the incredible food we ate.

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  • Fire Stables Wimbledon Christmas Launch

    October 3, 2017Sew-White

    The Fire Stables in Wimbledon Village has created a fabulous Christmas dinner and revealed their star dishes at a special launch party.

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  • Morrison’s Christmas Showcase

    July 6, 2017Sew-White

    The Morrison’s Christmas Showcase showed off the best items that were going to be available in store this Christmas. Take a sneak peek now.

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  • White Chocolate and Ginger Tart with Summer Berries and Chopped Pistachios

    June 30, 2017Sew-White

    This rich, fruity and flavourful white chocolate tart with ginger is absolutely perfect for any special summer occasion! You can make it in advance easily, and just top with fruit when you’re ready to serve! So, why not enjoy a slice or two of this light and creamy pistachio ginger tart?

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  • The Old Frizzle Wimbledon Review

    May 20, 2017Sew-White

    In my Old Frizzle Wimbledon review I look at the a wonderful place to visit. For catching up with friends for coffee, after work drinks or a delicious meal.

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  • Wahaca Review

    March 6, 2017Sew-White

    Wahaca Review. I love Wahaca and there are so many wonderful things about Wahaca. In my at a Glance Review I have a look at what I loved in top points.

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