NC SupperClubs at Christmas

On a Christmas wintery night in Wimbledon I arrived for a special evening centring around an incredible feast created by Anjula Devi and Coco Labelle’s Elisabeth Brown with NC Supper Clubs at Christmas. The chefs catering for the latest exclusive supper club, started by Nesan Thirunesan.

Photograph by Charlie Burgio of Anjula Devi and Coco Labelle’s Elisabeth Brown

The house was dressed to impress as were all the guests. From the moment I arrived the food did not stop flowing. The amazing starters which included the pineapple, chilli and pomegranate tarts which had a stunning flavour of fruity, creamy and spicy in one mouthful. The second starter was the cucumber piece topped with spicy salmon and mango yoghurt. The flavours of both starters were paired beautifully and it was so easy to eat a few.

All evening the smell of food was in the air and it was so incredibly enticing. The rich smells of spices came from the kitchen and no matter who I was talking to my mind kept creeping back to thinking about the food we were soon going to enjoy.

When the moment came for food it was a stampede to form the queue. Obviously the food had been tempting everyone not just me.

The highlight of the food for me was the signature dish of Anjula Devi, the slow cooked lamb from her book Spice for Life. Cooked in Indian pickling spices it was so succulent and rich. The lamb was so tender and just fell apart. It was one of the best lamb dishes I’ve ever had in my life. The spices were beautifully mixed and with the perfect level of heat. I did manage to sneak a little helping of seconds!

NC Supper Clubs at Christmas

Along with the lamb was the Kuku Paka chicken in a spiced coconut sauce. It was incredible. The sauce was so smooth and had such mix of flavour that balanced with the coconut sauce perfectly. Learning more about the food I discovered this dish is an Indian influenced dish from East Africa. The mix of spice palettes combined so well to make this a favourite of so many of the guests.

The final main dish was from Coco Labelle chef Elisabeth brown and was a aromatic coconut fish curry. The smoothness and freshness of the fish mixed with flavour and the coconut was a superb combination.

What I love about the NCSupperClubs isn’t just the main meals but also the accompaniments. The curry was served with a delicious wild rocket, spinach and pomegranate salad dressing that was so sharp and fresh against the curry but the flavours worked perfectly. There was also the Rumali Roti, the beautiful and simple flatbread which was perfect to wrap up the curry with and soak up all the rich sauces. Plus with the offer of Coco Labelle’s special chilli sauce I had an incredible plate of food to enjoy.

I’m already counting down to the next supper club because incredible food is what makes life so great, so when you find it you must enjoy it!

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