Morrison’s Christmas Showcase

The Morrison’s Christmas Showcase showed off the best items that were going to be available in store this Christmas. Take a sneak peek now.

On Wednesday I attended the Morrison’s Christmas showcase where Morrison’s had their Christmas ideas and surprises on display.

Morrison's Christmas Showcase pates and cheeses

sparkling raspberry jelly in glasses

They had everything from cheese tasting to cocktails and the whole event and venue was beautifully decorated to be incredibly festive. If it wasn’t for the nearly 30 degree weather outside I would have been convinced it was December.

What stood out for me was the way each stand (Cheese, Meat, Fish, Bakery, Pudding and Cocktail) had a dedicated expert which would guided me through their different products, how to serve them and what was best to accompany them.

I loved being able to try all the items available form Morrison’s. Even though it was a very hot July day it was lovely to think ahead to winter. I really loved the cheeses and pies. When we first arrived the cocktail station and ice cold cocktails were wonderful.

Morrison's Christmas Showcase of pies and cheeses
cocktail trying station

I loved being able to see how the cocktails were easy to make. We were able to try the different drinks and ask questions too. I loved getting to have a taste of each too. A few notes were taken on what I will definitely be getting close to Christmas to make at home.

raspberry pannacottas on a silver tray at the Morrison's Christmas Showcase

Morrison’s Christmas Showcase

For a sweet tooth I love these marshmallow snowmen. They are slightly glittery and calling out to be eaten. Plus they look so happy too. Look at their gorgeous little happy faces.

sparkly snowman shortbread with marshmallow tops at the Morrison's Christmas ShowcaseThe cheese stand had a game where you had to guess where each cheese came from between France and England and they had the most amazing cheese with some really interesting recipes to come!I was definitely surprised how many of the cheeses were England!

The meat stand was amazing and was definitely my favourite from the Christmas showcase. I was able to sample their range of beef cuts, as well as their Christmas Turkey and pork banger recipe which has been modified for this year’s festive season with a whole lot more bacon. More bacon can only ever be a good thing right!

decorations and christmas gift wrap at the morrisons show case

tiers of multi coloured macaroons at the Morrison's Christmas Showcase
The seafood stand had a really fun element where we were taught the process of extracting the meat from a crab, which was a new experience for me. I will be using my new found crab crushing skills this summer.

They also had a fantastic selection of puddings which were “out of this world”. There were sweet ones, sour ones, creamy ones and some chocolate ones all of which I want to try again! The festive cocktails where constantly flowing and that was fine by me!

Overall a great experience and I can’t wait to see these products on display at Morrison’s during this year’s festive season! Luckily that isn’t too far away.

By Nicolas Sigrist

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  1. I love Christmas in July – always such fun going to all the shows. I do like that Snowman cake, with his cheeky grin!

    • The cheeky grin is what we loved too! Now the weather has changed a little too I’m happy to be thinking about Christmas. the heatwave on the day did stop us enjoying the festive atmosphere a little


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