Wafflemeister Review

Waffles are a wonderful thing! I took a trip for a waffle feast at Wafflemeister in Wimbledon and was in for a tasty treat.

Waffles are an incredibly versatile dish that can be transformed into a healthy dish or a scrumptious treat.

Wafflemeister’s Liege Waffles

At Wafflemeister their range of waffles was incredible. From the sweet to the savoury there was so much to enjoy. Their signature Liege waffles were a nice portion size and came with a range of options. These waffles all had sweet toppings and would be a lovely way to have a treat or a sweet snack. The topping options started from plain and went up to banana with whipped cream and chopped nuts and the Oreo waffle with whipped cream and drizzling of molten chocolate, to the marshmallow surprise, a waffle topped marshmallows, chocolate and sprinkles and strawberry heaven, a fruity waffle topped with strawberries and cream. The perfect Wimbledon waffle.

Wafflemeister American Waffles

wafflemeister sweet waffles

As soon as I saw there was a churros waffle I knew I would be trying it. The crispy waffle coated in cinnamon and sugar was just incredible. Pus having the vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce was the cherry on the cake. The rich hot cinnamon flavour (the smell was also incredible) was simple but beautifully created.

The sandwich waffle is one I would recommend if you were on the go. It would also be perfect for taking on picnics! Filled with Nutella and chopped nuts it was so rich but that wouldn’t stop you enjoying every last mouthful.

The Canadian waffle was drizzled with maple syrup and had ice cream, cream and strawberries on the side. It was gloriously sticky and the sharpness and freshness of the strawberries complimented the waffles so well.

Savoury American Waffles

It is a good start to the day when you can get cream cheese and smoked salmon with capers and lemon juice on an American waffle. It’s so fresh and filling.

wafflemeister savoury waffles

A breakfast waffle. Yes it is so simple but just liked a good fry up worked so well.

Wafflemeister Thick Shakes

Even though I don’t have a huge sweet tooth I couldn’t pass over the opportunity to try Wafflemeister’s incredible thick shakes. The milkshake topped with whipped cream marshmallows, molten chocolate and sprinkles. Who doesn’t love sprinkles!

It wasn’t as sweet as I had thought but the vanilla flavour was beautiful and so easily drinkable. A wonderful treat to enjoy and one I would definitely have again.

wafflemeister freak shake

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