The best picnic accessories for summer 2021

Looking for the best picnic accessories for summer 2021? then look no further. I have the top picnic items that will make a picnic a special event and fun, stylish and tasty occasion.

*Disclaimer – These items were gifted for this round up*

So, it looks like another summer without a proper holiday or at least staying local will carry on a little while longer. With thank in mind I have decided I would embrace the local life, especially picnics.

I love a picnic mostly as I can bring the goodies I like the most. Picnics are relaxed and can be as casual or as special as you want them. To me, they are definitely a treat for fancier food and tasty treats. I want nice picnic accessories including everything from a gorgeous blanket to relax on, to lovely drinks and of course fantastic food.

The best picnic blanket 2021 – Keep The Faith London Towels

keep the faith london picnic blanket on the best picnic accessories round up

Picnic blankets are a staple of picnics. You need a good blanket and they are harder to find than I thought. You want a soft blanket, one that is thick enough to hide some of the grass and ground texture and washable too. I am a mess no matter how I eat and having a picnic blanket that I can pop in the wash is invaluable. Plus even on the hottest summer days I still manage to get mud and dirt all over them.

So this brings me nicely on to the picnic blanket from Keep The Faith London. There are so many reasons I love this picnic blanket starting with it’s large and round. It is so large I can lie on it and be fully in the bubble. It’s also so pretty because it’s round and looks inviting. It’s stylish with its modern colour and design. This is the Battersea Blue design.

The picnic blanket is made from microfibre and is a lovely thickness for sitting on the ground but it has other things you need to buy it for. It is brilliantly compact. For such a large blanket it folds down into an A4 size drawstring bag. It is also brilliantly lightweight. Combine those two together and you have a great travel blanket. The blanket is usable as a towel too. So if you have a picnic planned on a beach you can take a dip and know you have a towel packed. The last thing is that these picnic blankets are washable at 30ºC and dry so quickly too!

keep the faith london
keep the faith london picnic blanket

Order your picnic blanket from Keep the Faith London

Tailor made wine choices from Independent wines in the best picnic accessories round up

best picnic accessories - the best wines for a picnic from Rosaro wines

I’ve featured Independent Wines on my blog before and they are worthy to be featured again. Independent Wines sell award winning Italian wines and seriously know their stuff. Their website offers wine fans such a huge choice with loads of information about them too. I find this a really useful website to use to order wine for events and dinners as I can narrow down on wines which will work. i have no wine knowledge so their help is invaluable. It’s also worth dropping them an email if you want some help choosing or pairing what you want to cook with a special bottle.

For the perfect picnic they recommend two wines to try. Both perfect to sip in the setting sunshine;

The first is the Rosaro rosé with this beautiful vibrant coral shade. The smooth wine tastes of fresh raspberry, cranberry, and a hint of sea salt. It is fresh and absolutely perfect for a picnic. It’s refreshing and fruity, plus it works with food very well. Especially Italian flavours, charcuterie and even sweet treats.

The Moscato has only 5% ABV and will be a great and refreshing aperitif or an accompaniment of the light snacks outdoors. This light sparkling wine, is a lovely light wine with a hint of pear and ideal for summer food pairings. It works very well with salads, pasta, fish and light nibbles. These are both perfect wines for a picnic.

rosaro rosé wine from independent wines in the best picnic accessories round up

Order the Rosaro rosé wine and the Moscato d’Asti from Independent Wine

The best picnic accessories – food delivered to your door from Noble House

Nobel House prepared picnic food packets of rocky road, cheesecake, olives and charcuterie for the best picnic accessories

What does every picnic need most of all? Food of course! Picnics are a great opportunity to try new things and splurge a little too. Picnics can go anywhere between a casual sandwich and a full on mega food event.

This year after so long without sampling food in restaurants I want my picnics to be gourmet, diverse and utterly delicious. Above all affordable while being special. With Noble House Prepared I can tick all these boxes.

Noble House Prepared have an incredible range of food you can order for delivery. From curries and roasts to date night dinners and specialist cuisines. But of course for this post, it is all about picnic food.

freshly baked focaccia on a wooden board
charcuterie on a white plate in the nobel house picnic range
metal lunch box filled with sausage rolls and chocolate baked cake

Noble House Prepared have an outstanding range of picnic favourites and new treats which are now elevated to having to come on every picnic with me. The picnic selection includes delicious foodie favourites from focaccia, charcuterie board, smoked salmon, cheesese and chutneys. For sweet treats, there are scones with jam and clotted cream, two types of cheesecakes and rocky road.

If you want you can order a box of picnic of either sweet or savoury, or you can pick and mix to create your perfect picnic from their selection. (Scroll down to see what is in the different boxes from Noble House Prepared). And there is always an option to add a bottle of bubbly to really make it a special picnic.

Noble House picnic packages salmon and cheese for charcuterie board

Savoury Picnic Box £75 (serves four)

Where do I start with describing how great the savoury box was. The range of goodies in the box really was incredible and definitely a treat for me.

The focaccia smelled incredible coming out of the box. It was so soft with a crisp crust. It went so incredibly well with the charcuterie, cheese, olives and smoked salmon.

The sausage roll was the biggest I’ve ever seen and I loved being able to cook it before the picnic and it was still warm when we served it. It was a delicious mix of sausage meat with hints of pepper. The pastry was crisp and overall it was the most devoured and sought after food at the picnic.

(It is worth knowing a few things like the bread and sausage roll need to be cooked when they arrive. So when it arrives sort everything out and get prepared before the picnic)

The savoury box includes;

  • Cheese selection: Cheddar and Goat’s cheese 
  • Quality Hand-Sliced London Cure Smoked Salmon 
  • Artisan style, authentic home-baked Focaccia 
  • Luxury Charcuterie: selection of four-different mixed meats
  • Gourmet Jumbo Sausage Roll with Red Onion Chutney (ready to bake)
  • Sicilian Nocellara Olives
  • Traditional Green Tomato chutney

Sweet Picnic Box £40 (serves four)

If you fancy a special treat but want to save some pennies I would definitely recommend just getting the sweet picnic box.

The scones are absolutely incredible and they generously give you individual portions of clotted cream. I should mention it’s a good size portion too. I like a good dollop of clotted cream on my scones and it was the perfect amount!

The chocolate rocky road slab is huge and is so sweet. In the best way! You really only need a little bit so it’s perfect for sharing. The cheesecakes are yummy and are very creamy. The sharp but sweet passionfruit is so good.

The sweet picnic box includes;

  • 4x home-baked plump Plain and Fruit scones 
  • 4 x Clotted Cream portions
  • 1 x Jar of Rosebud Preserves Strawberry Jam
  • Decadent Rocky Road Slab
  • 4 x creamy British Cheesecake (2 x with Strawberry Jelly and 2 x with Passionfruit Jelly) 

This range of food really did have to make the best picnic accessories for 2021.

fresh fruit scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam from Noble House in the best picnic accessories round up
large lattice sausage roll
rocky road with marshmallows

Check out the picnic collection and indivudal items available from Noble House

Non Alcoholic picnic drinks with Sea & Tea – The Best picnic accessories 2021

Non alcoholic can gin drink on a grey tray on blue and white picnic blanket

If you are driving or are alcohol free then you need a gorgeous drink that feels like a cocktail. With Sea Arch’s Sea & T you can have it. Sea & T are non alcoholic spirits which have a gin and tonic quality but without the alcohol. The flavour is so fresh and hydrating.

Sea Arch is crafted and created in Devon using traditional distillation techniques. It is created with complex, natural botanicals such as sea kelp, samphire, cardamon and blood orange. But then the alcohol is gently removed to create a grown-up, alcohol-free spirit.

The Sea & T drinks are also calorie free, vegan friendly and sugar free too!

The Sea & Tea (blue can) is like a crisper gin and tonic with a hint of sea salt. You feel like you could be on a beautiful beach in the sunshine sipping on a cocktail. The rose Sea & T is a softer and sweeter version of the classic Sea & T. It has the additional flavours of raspberry and rose. It also gives it a beautiful soft rose colour.

Rose sea and T non alcoholic drink
sea arch blue can non alcoholic gin and tonic sea & t

Order your non alcoholic Sea & T cans and bottles from the Sea Arch website

Lunchbox style – the perfect no waste reusable lunchbox for taking on your picnic

zero waste reusbale metal lunch box best picnic accessories

For little trips and picnics for two, the WakeCup Stainless Steel Lunchbox is a fabulous purchase. It’s compact, leak proof, reusable, plastic free and is made with sustainable stainless steel.

The clip lockbox is so beautiful and stylish. It has a movable divider so you can fit everything you need inside. I also like it so I can have the sweet and savoury in separate places.

The box itself is lightweight and easy to pack away in a backpack. For a lunchbox that looks so compact, it can fit in a surprising amount of food inside. It’s easy to clean and unlike plastic lunchboxes won’t develop a weird smell over time.

This is definitely a great piece to include in the best picnic accessories round up for 2021.

silver metal wakecup lunchbox
best picnic accessories - wakecup metal lunchbox with divider and sausage roll and rocky road

Order your Wakecup lunch box from their zero waste store

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