The Old Frizzle Autumn Review

The Old Frizzle in Wimbledon is an award winning community restaurant and bar, it’s also my local! They’ve just released their Autumn menu and I was lucky enough to explore it.

The Old Frizzle is in the heart of Wimbledon with views of the New Wimbledon Theatre. It is a lovely place for a weekend brunch, families meals before a trip to the theatre, date nights and live music or drinks and live sport.

I’ve been visiting The Old Frizzle since they opened and have had great experiences there. I’ve had birthdays, date nights, New Year’s Eve parties and often enjoy an after work drink there too.

Their new autumn menu takes the best bits of the old menu and has added a few new treats to entice you enjoy a meal (or three – there is enough for many visits). I love the look of the menu, the rustic brown paper menus adds to the calming, welcoming and homely atmosphere that The Old Frizzle has managed to capture so well.

Sitting with my boyfriend in the window watching the world go by as we talked about our week and then a lot about the food is a blessing. The Old Frizzle have managed to connect a great pub/bar atmosphere with family friendly place to go but also a space where you can de-stress and enjoy your time out.

For starters we picked a delicious sharing board from the menu – The Feaster!

The Feaster Sharer was made up of a Sage and Onion Scotch Egg, Chicken Wings, Hummus with Flatbread and Beef Chilli Nachos.

This is a pretty impressive sharing board if I say so myself. The mix of tastes and textures makes it a great treat to share in a group as there is a little something for everyone.

The beef chilli nachos were so good! Proper meaty and cheesey but topped with the cool salsa and cream. I loved the difference in heat, texture and taste from this dish. It looked like a little portion but even between 2 it was a perfect amount (I have admit I did eat most of this one).

The chicken wings were beautifully sticky. The smell of the sweet barbecue glaze reached you the second the board was bought over. They had a great taste and don’t worry they give you a finger bowl as it was beautifully messy to eat. Each bite was delicious and worth the clean up time after.

Okay so this scotch egg…

I’ve never been a huge fan of them but oh my gosh this was incredible. The egg was perfectly cooked and still runny. The stuffing outer layer was soft in the centre and crispy on the outside. I was in heaven. There was silence of the table as we each took a bite. Then fighting over the table over who would finish it. You know the food is good when you start fighting for the last bite.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who is obsessed with freshly made hummus and slightly warm flat bread to dip into it. A part of the sharing board was this flower pot of hummus (so cute!) with warm flat bread decorated with spices. A pure and simple pleasure well done by The Old Frizzle.

Main Meals at The Old Frizzle

The main meal options cover a range of autumn tastes and flavours but has the brilliant range of dishes that go with the weather. They go from meaty heavy dishes perfect for a cold evening but also fresh salads using autumn vegetables. It’s this range which I think gives the Autumn menu a lot of genius.

The classic fish and chips with peas was good. The chips were superbly crispy on the outside and fluffy in the middle. The beer battered fish was succulent and fell apart when we cut in to it.

Our beautiful table of gorgeous dishes at The Old Frizzle.

On a sunny Autumn day I was pulled towards the ham hock and pea orecchiette pasta with flaky Parmesan. It was so warm and creamy. I loved how the flaky pieces of Parmesan slowly melted in. The ham hock added a meatiness which complimented the creaminess perfectly.

This is a great example of the Autumn flavours but as a light dish. The honey baked beetroot and carrot salad with orange barrel aged feta topped with spiced pumpkin seeds. The baby carrots with the radishes worked sublimely together. The salad was drizzled with a lemon dressing and the mix of earthy flavours, bright zestiness and salty feta was a treat.


Thank you so much to The Old Frizzle for inviting me to come and taste the new autumn menu.


Visit The Old Frizzle 74-78 The Broadway, Wimbledon, London SW19 1RQ

Disclaimer – I was gifted a meal at The Old Frizzle in return for a review – all opinions are my own.

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