Bar and Block Wimbledon Review

Steak is on the menu at the newly opened Bar and Block Wimbledon. With a wide menu featuring many different cuts you will love this meat extravaganza.

There is a new restaurant in town and Bar + Block is proving a massive hit in Wimbledon. With their numerous cuts of beef to satisfy any meat loving man or woman I can see why, that even after only a few weeks since they opened, you need to book in advance for a table.

Bar and Block Wimbledon – the signature cocktails

The Candy Floss Martini are the cocktail was poured over revealed a beautiful hidden strawberry.


To accompany the cocktails we enjoyed a little pot of beef popcorn. I know how weird that sounds but it was pretty wonderful. It had the rich beef gravy taste that added a little salt to accompany the sweet cocktails.

As a lot of my friends and social media followers know I love a unicorn so of course I was going to try a unicorn cocktail from the menu. The cocktail consisted of rainbow layers of strawberry purée, passion fruit and pineapple juice, Bacardi Superior Rum and a blue curaçao drizzle, topped with a candy rainbow sweet. It was sweet with a little sour kick an dangerously tasted like juice, a lovely accompaniment to the meal. It was nice to see the drinks menu worked with the steaks too.

Bar and Block – The Starters

Like all good big meals the starters can be incredibly important to get you into the tastes and flavours of a restaurant. It was great to see at Bar + Block that the starts were simple but full of taste and complimented the main course to come. A few little nibbles as a great price that really got us hungry waiting for the mains.

The Main Course – Steak time at Bar and Block Wimbledon

From the speciality cuts menu the Deconstructed beef Wellington was calling. The 10oz sliced fillet served on layers of puff pastry filled with garlic spinach and creamy truffle flavour mushrooms, served with a rich Malbec sauce. The layers of the Wellington laid out on the plate was a wow at the table. The beautifully cooked puff pastry and mushroom layers were topped with the unbelievably succulent steak. A little pot of gravy was on the plate and ready to be poured over. Just look at those slices.

It was the smoothest peppercorn sauce I’ve had and melted into the steak perfectly. There is a pure joy in eating an amazing dinner when everyone at the table goes silent when the food arrives. The silence continued through the meal so I think it’s safe to know how well the dish is being savoured and enjoyed by us both. Silence is golden when the food is incredible.

The garlic spinach was incredible. They had so much flavour and was far to east to eat the whole side dish of. The garlic had a lovely sharpness with the green fresh taste of the spinach which was cooked perfectly. Still holding it’s shape but cooked. It tastes wonderful with the peppercorn sauce and the soft tender steak.

Can you really say no to dessert?

It was the cutest dessert and the perfect end our dinner at Brick and Block Wimbledon.

We are already planning out return trip!

*Disclaimer - I was gifted the meal in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

8 thoughts on “Bar and Block Wimbledon Review”

  1. Ooh, I want those churros. The cocktails wouldn’t go amiss either. I haven’t been out for a meal (other than breakfast) for months. You’ve made me feel like I’m missing out big time.

  2. This is just the kind of restaurant for me – good food and amazing cocktails. It’s good to hear of quality neighbourhood restaurants popping up in Wimbledon when I lived there many moons ago they were a bit thin on the ground.

  3. A candy floss topped Martini, some gnocchi starters and the Chocolate Churro Sundae is what I’d love to have at this new restaurant. Innovative drinks and what a cute way to serve dessert.


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