Bruce Springsteen Album Cover Biscuits

My mum is a huge Bruce Springsteen fan and today her is Birthday and I wanted to make something special… Bruce Springsteen Biscuits.

My mum isn’t a huge fan of cake but does like a biscuit to dunk in her coffee. I spent ages thinking about something which mixed Bruce Springsteen and edible goodness since I love to bake for my family.

Sew White Bruce Springsteen album cover biscuits. Edible album covers biscuits

My mum absolutely loved them and was so excited! It was a great birthday present.
It was a lot of work to make these biscuits but it was so worth it to see my mum so happy. I think altogether it took 4 hours. I would definitely be able to make them quicker if I did them now.

Unfortunately now she won’t eat them as they are ‘too nice’. How silly.

I made a lot of biscuit mixture and rolled it out and cut squares out (roughly 5cm square) using cutters.
As it was square I could have used a knife and ruler but square cutters were so much easier.

After lots of time in the fridge before baking helped keep the squares square while baking.
It’s horrible when biscuits spread in the oven.

Sew White Bruce Springsteen album cover biscuits 2

I got to use my new sugar paste rolling pin. The bands on the side worked so well to keep the sugar paste level.
It made the icing so much more professional looking. I think I might invest in a larger one for doing sugar paste for cakes.

Sew White Bruce Springsteen album cover biscuits 3

Using an apricot jam I secured the icing to the biscuits. I very gently cut up the album covers from the piece of paper. I used a sharp knife and metal ruler. It worked very well to get clean edges as the icing is so fragile it’s easy to rip up. Using a clean very lightly damp cloth i wiped the icing so it went a little tacky but not damp. I then gently laid the album covers over the top. The tacky surface secured them so well and the tiny bit of water wasn’t enough to make the ink run. What a relief.

The finished biscuits! All 18 of Bruce Springsteen’s studio albums in biscuit form.
There were 24 biscuits in total as I had a few extras as back up in case something went wrong but nothing did!

Sew White Bruce Springsteen album cover biscuits 4

My mum loves this Bruce Springsteen photo so I made 2 little biscuits with it. She loved these so much!

Sew White Bruce Springsteen album cover biscuits 5

Happy Birthday Mum x

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