#Cadvent time!

Cadvent is a great time especially when you are celebrating the count down to Christmas with Cadburys. Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas is a great time of year for sharing chocolates and the tins from Cadbury’s are a traditional aspect of Christmas for me. This year Cadbury have bought out the Help for Heroes, Heroes chocolate tin. It is so great to see support of a charity at this time of year while enjoying a chocolate or two with family.

I love that moment when the tin opens and the family all dive in for their favourites durint Cadvent.


Something that I haven’t seen in a while is the chocolate hanging decorations. I remember being really little and my gran giving me them to put on the tree and that tree seeming like the tallest most sparkly thing ever! It’s a little bit of a good feeling to feel that Christmas excitement again of putting them on my tree this year.

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Disclaimer. I was given the chocolate from Cadbury’s to write about. All opinion are my own.

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