Christmas Tile Painting with Topps Tiles

Christmas Tile Painting is a great crafting activity to do in time for festive presents and gifts. See how I got on decorating a centre piece tile.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and what is Christmas without being creative. I love Christmas baking and crafts but this year I’ve tried something I’ve never done before – painting ceramic tiles.

Sew White Christmas tile painting 1

The lovely Topps Tiles send me a gorgeous kit of supplies including a tile to paint and all the paints I would need. Plus brushes too! The paints were thick and had a strong colour. I haven’t experimented mixing colours yet but I really enjoyed painting the first tile so I’m sure there will be more tile painting in the future. There was also a lovely stencil included but I didn’t use it this time.

White tile with paints and paint brushes

Christmas Tile Painting

For a Christmas design I wanted to include deer so I went through google images and came up with a simple design I drew up on the tile. Drawing with a pencil was easy and rubbed off if I made a mistake but didn’t mess up the paint too much. Plus it was light so with the paint over it you couldn’t see the lines. I just had to make sure I cleaned off any dust off the tile as it was a nightmare trying to get it out of the paint later. For this I wanted a bold design and chose to paint it all in red. I love red and white designs for Christmas!

Sew White Christmas tile painting 3

The paint was thick and easy to paint with but I did find I needed a tiny thin brush for the antlers as they were so fiddly.

Christmas Tile Painting with red reindeer

I drew the Merry Christmas out in pencil looking at a typeface I found on Pinterest (where else for inspiration!) and then I painted over the pencil lines. The whole tile took about two hours and it was really lovely to be creative. The paint says it will have set completely in 3 days but even after a few hours it was nearly there. I’m going to glue some felt on the back of the tile and use it as a table centrepiece during the festive season. It’s nice after not painting for many years that I can still do it and enjoy it.

Merry Christmas painted Tile in red
Thank you Topps Tiles for letting me be creative this Christmas.
I never would have tired tile painting if I hadn’t been sent the kit to try.

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