Marketing Calendar by CoSchedule Review – 2 year review

I am looking over my first 2 years of using the Marketing Calendar by CoSchedule. I want to describe how I’m getting on and give you the reasons why I have enjoyed using it so much. CoSchedule is a key piece of my blogging kit and one I would recommend time and time again.

I have now been using the Marketing Calendar by CoSchedule for 2 years and I wanted to write a review of how I have been getting on. I hope that it will encourage others to try the service.

If you are a blogger and have posts that can be shared again and again then you need to try CoSchedule. Especially the ReQueue function. This ReQueue function gives users the ability to add their social media posts into a group, that reshares them at regular intervals. As a food blogger, this is hugely helpful for me.

Setting up new social media posts

Setting up a new social media post with CoSchedule.

Setting up new social media posts with CoSchedule is really simple. It’s just like creating social media posts on any other platform. You can add images and write your text and it’s done. Make sure you click the ReQueue button and place your social media message into a group to be shared time and time again.

You can select date and time for your message to be posted, along with which accounts you want it shared to.

Marketing Calendar by CoSchedule

The Marketing Calendar by CoSchedule can really save you time but above all it’s user friendly and quick to get started.

The marketing calendar looks like this below. You can see the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social media messages waiting to be send for the first week of August. As you use the calendar you can adjust the settings to only see certain accounts. This make it easier to follow different messages for different things.

CoSchedule Marketing Calendar

There are options for many different accounts and it’s a brilliant way to keep all the social media you have in one place.

There are marketing calendar functions that also include a to do list, notification and even help writing posts and getting you started. This really helps my productivity.

ReQueue groups

To give you even more control over your content on social media it is worth spending time creating groups. Groups allow you to have themes or seasons of posts. All of which can have start and end dates.

For example, I have a Christmas group which allows me to have my collection of Christmas recipes all together. I have set up the start date and end date so each year I can adjust it and the content is already there for my followers to see. It’s automatic and means I don’t have to spend hours and hours each year adding the posts back in.


On average I save 9 hours a week using the Marketing Calendar by CoSchedule. I add in my content once and then it’s done. It will repeat and keep going until I archive it or it reaches its end date. I also love how each week I receive an email telling me how much time I have saved. It’s great to see a part of my business taking care of it’s self.

Social media can take hours each week and knowing that it’s taken care of really helps free up time to make new recipes and create new posts. It also means that I can spend time on Reels, videos and coming up with new ideas too.

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