NC Supper Clubs arrive in Wimbledon

NC Supper Clubs arrive in Wimbledon and I got to experience the incredible flavours from the top chefs. All bought together to produce epic meals.

Supper clubs are a brilliant way to explore food from around the world, and of course the skilled chefs who run them.

Started in the summer by entrepreneur Nesan Thirunesan, the exclusive NC Supper Clubs are taking over London. With an incredible menu of Indian fusion cuisine.

Nesan was born in the UK to Sri Lankan parents with his mother’s heritage coming from Southern India who encouraged a love of food that tastes amazing and uses authentic ingredients.

Being a passionate foodie and home cook having grown up in both the UK and India, Nesan decided to set up this niche supper club. Working with great chefs and authors who love working with energy, dedication and passion when it comes to good food.

Spending time between London and Bangalore, Nesan works with the best in celebrity chefs. As well as known cookbook writers to create the dishes served at the events. The chefs are regular demonstrators at food festivals all over the UK including the BBC Good Food Show. Their clear passion to create dishes with a fusion take on the traditional Indian cuisine is why the NC Supper Clubs are taking off and treating guests to incredible food.

Chef Anjula Devi, author of “Spice for Life”, Chef Dipna Anand author of “Beyond Brilliant”, Dan Toombs, author of “The Curry Guy” and Chef Elisabeth Brown of Coco Labelle are just a few of the top foodie names that Nesan works with for the NC Supper Clubs.

NC Supper Clubs arrive in Wimbledon

He also keen to work with his good friends from writers to chefs with Atul Kochhar (Benares Restaurant), Hari Ghotra, Suresh Pillai (Hoppers London), Sabrina Ghayour, Mallika Basu (Food Columnist, Evening Standard), Asma Khan (Darjeeling Express) and Arup Dasgupta (The Lalit).

The events are targeted at food lovers who want to be part of this exclusive NC Supper Clubs experience. A love of food and exploring flavours is all that is needed.

In 2018 the NC Supper Clubs will be expanding from Teddington to Wimbledon. The club will also be moving into Chelsea and Knightsbridge for even more exclusive events. The events so far have been graced with celebrity and high end clients.

“When people come to my supper club, I want them to be simply blown away by the food. Many of these dishes are not available in mainstream restaurants which adds a unique twist to the food we serve”

Follow the hashtag #NCSupperClubs on social media to find out about the latest events and what’s cooking in the exclusive world created by Nesan.

Photography by Charlie Burgio | from the Halloween Supper Club

Disclaimer – this is a sponsored post written by me.

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