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This summer I have been exploring a few beautiful wines which are perfect for warmer weather. Check out what I was gifted from Organic Wine Club.

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I am usually a big fan of spirits especially cocktails but this summer has been the time I have discovered wine and with the Organic Wine Club I’ve been sampling some beautiful Britsh wines – yes – beautiful British wines!

We have done so well with Olympics and with the beautiful wines available I think we should get gold for them too!

My first wine was the Davenport an astonishingly dry but fruity British rose.
It is organic and certified by EU and UK organic bodies including Soil Association

It compliments food well but is also lovely to enjoy in the sunshine on a warm evening with friends.

It’s very fruity and fresh.

The Davenport Pinot Noir comes from the ‘Diamond Field’ vineyard at Horsmonden, UK and only recently been used for Rosé.

My favourite wine from the Organic Wine Club so far.

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As a treat from Spain I was given a Campo Flores Blanco to enjoy.

It was a very bright yellow wine which I found very sharp yet subtly fruity. Definitely able to taste pear and peach.

It went very well with food and especially antipasti, salads and fish.

The smell of the Campo Flores was beautiful fruity and floral and definitely encourages you to take a sip or two.

I’ve found organic wines do have a cleaner, smoother taste and I would definitely recommend both I tried with the Organic Wine Company. If you can’t try both – definitely try the rose. It was beautiful! A proper summer special wine to enjoy in the sunshine.

Sew White sewwhite Organic Wine Club British Summer Wines 3

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6 thoughts on “Organic Wine Club – Summer Wines”

  1. I have tried British sparkling wine (and delicious it is too) but not had anything beyond that. I am very intrigued by the Rosé especially if it is a dry one. But both of them sound delicious – would love to try them.

  2. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t usually pick up organic bottle of wine in the supermarket and perhaps even more rarely do I pick a bottle from the UK! You’ve totally convinced me i should as I’m clearly missing out 🙂 great post!


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