Papa John’s Pizza and Movie Night

Check out what I got up to on my Papa John’s Pizza and Movie Night in. I love their pizza so of course I jumped at the chance to try their new flavours.

It is my honest opinion that a night in with friends, pizzas, games, movies and more pizzas is a treat. I love pizza and any opportunity to try them I am in! Papa John’s pizza very generously gifted me a night in and it was a lovely evening indeed. Having ordered from them before I knew I was in for a tasty evening.

Papa John's Pizza and Movie Night stack of pizzas

Papa John’s is a great place to go for delicious pizzas with 100% fresh and quality ingredients. Not many other pizza takeaway places offer that. It’s nice to know a pizza chain is proud of their products to use quality ingredients. Their dough is fresh and never frozen. Their cheese is made of quality mozzarella and skimmed milk. Having eaten a lot of Papa John’s pizzas I can confirm the toppings and base are very fresh and so tasty. They are like homemade pizzas and that makes me trust them and enjoy them.

Sew White Papa Johns Pizza Night 2

Order online at and make sure you check out the offers section as there is usually some brilliant ones.

Let’s look at the pizzas

The Tandoori Spice had to be the best pizza we tried. It had a great range of toppings with a mixture of flavours and satisfying spice so you know it’s spicy but no so spicy you can’t enjoy it. The pizzas has a hot phal sauce, tandoori chicken, green peppers, red onion, fresh tomatoes and mint raita. I am most definitely ordering this again! I really love the swirly pattern on top too.

Sew White Papa Johns Pizza Night 3

The American Hot was amazing. If you are partial to a simple pizza with peperoni and chillies this is one for you. With only a few ingredients this has so much taste. The pizza base was so good and tasty. It was satisfyingly thick and doughy but crisp and had a nice bite!

Sew White Papa Johns Pizza Night 4

Papa John’s Pizza and Movie Night

The Works pizza has pepperoni, Italian style sausage and ham, portobello mushrooms, crunchy green peppers, sliced onions and black Herrera olives. It was really full with delicious toppings. Every slice had everything which was very satisfying.

pizza and movie night in

The cheese and tomato pizza was really nice. I think if you can make the simplest of pizzas taste good you’ve done well. It’s always a good indication of a good pizza maker.

Trying out pizza from Papa Johns

Papa John’s has bought out a fantastic quality guarantee where if your pizza isn’t perfect they will send you another (as long as you’ve only eaten 2 slices). They believe in their quality food and I find that reassuring when ordering from them. Plus their pizzas are amazing so I never really have trouble ordering from them.

On their sides menu they have delicious chicken wings and potato wedges. As much as I liked that I was so happily stuffed on pizza I didn’t eat as many as I should have. The potato wedges were so chunky and really satisfying to enjoy.

Side dishes of chicken and chips

Very good to know that if you do have any pizza left it microwaves very well the next day.

Sew White Papa Johns Pizza Night 7

Good food is a treat and Papa John’s pizza is rather good.

I was given the pizza night in to review. All opinions are my own.

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