Paul Bakery Picnic – At A Glance

I joined Paul Bakery for a picnic as we get ready for the August bank holiday.

Sew White sewwhite Paul Bakery picnic 1

Spending the August bank holiday weekend in the sunshine is always a dream and weather permitting it might happen this year!

Paul Bakery have bought out a picnic which you can pick up in store when you want it. It is perfect for grabbing when the sudden moment the sun pops out and a picnic with friends and family is on the cards.

  • Simple picnic – 2 sandwiches, 2 packets of crisps, 2 drinks and a box of mini macarons
  • Your choice of sandwiches from what they have in the store on the day. Really loved that they have you the choice
  • For £20 for 2 it was a lovely treat and the portions were good for a lunch
  • We ate the mozzarella, lettuce, tomato and pesto sandwich and the Coppa ham, Comté cheese, olive paste with lettuce and tomato sandwich both we would have again
  • The mini macaroons were a wonderful pudding
  • Although it didn’t look like a lot of food for a picnic the sandwiches, crisps, drink and treat all worked very well together texture and taste wise and we were left happily full.
  • A silly highlight was the red and white French tablecloth which was included in the picnic bag – it made the picnic feel like we were enjoying our lunch in the South of France rather than a London park
  • I would definitely get a Paul picnic again – it was quick and convenient

Sew White sewwhite Paul Bakery picnic 2

Sew White sewwhite Paul Bakery picnic 3

Sew White sewwhite Paul Bakery picnic 4

Sew White sewwhite Paul Bakery picnic 5

Sew White sewwhite Paul Bakery picnic 6

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6 thoughts on “Paul Bakery Picnic – At A Glance”

  1. At first glance, this picnic looks a little expensive compared to one you could make for yourself but then just looking at those baguettes demonstrates this this is excellent quality. I love the tablecloth and I have a feeling this isn’t the last time we’ll see what appear on your blog! Great photography as always 🙂


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