• Wimbledon Winter Wonderland

    December 3, 2017Sew-White

    Sunday 3rd of December this year is when Wimbledon roads were closed and the Winter Wonderland took over. Me the #WimbledonFoodie , took to the streets to check out all the great food I had discussed in my articles for Love Wimbledon this Christmas. You can read my piece for Love Wimbledon on the market…

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  • Birthday Cake with Edible Photograph Print

    September 5, 2013Sew White

    I was so excited when my friend’s husband emailed me to ask if I could make a cake for my friends birthday. He originally asked for Bulldog cake (as they have a lovely Bulldog called Ernie) I thought he meant a 3D cut out and sculpted cake so I said no but I could do…

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  • Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream

    August 15, 2013Sew White

    I love ice cream and I was very happy to spend my birthday money on an ice cream maker from Lakeland. Plus it was on offer! I love chocolate ice cream and I haven’t found a plain chocolate ice cream available anywhere for ages – It’s always mixed with other things. I decided to try…

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  • Chimichanga Wimbledon

    August 14, 2013Sew White

    I love mexican food and I was so happy when I saw Chimichanga was opening near me in Wimbledon. The food was a good portion for me, although the men I went with all complained it wasn’t enough for them. The taste was good but their spicy wasn’t spicy much at all, unlike other restaurants where…

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  • Fluffy Puff Puffs Marshmallows Review

    July 17, 2013Sew White

      I was so excited to try gourmet marshmallows when I heard they existed! I found out about Fluffy Puff Puffs (www.fluffypuffpuffs.com) from  www.lancashire-food.blogspot.co.uk (gorgeous foodie blog if you haven’t checked it out do!). I followed FPP on facebook and they posted up a photo of pimms marshmallows -PIMMS MARSHMALLOWS! I knew I would be ordering…

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  • Guest post on strawberries from my Mum!

    July 8, 2013Sew White

    My mum wanted me to share her fabulous way of getting stalks out of strawberries so here it is. Take a straw and push it through the strawberry from the bottom to the top and the stalk will be pushed out. It is really quick to do and is a far cheaper option than buying…

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  • Making Bagels – no more shop bought for me!

    June 4, 2013Sew White

    Bagels I was honestly the most surprised I have ever been when baking these bagels. I was hopeful they would work but was so surprised how they were just so easy and tasted so great. They even tasted wonderful toasted 4 days later.  Ingredients 450g strong white flour, 1tsp yeast, half a teaspoon of salt…

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  • Sew White’s Chocolate, Lavender and Raspberry Cake

    May 10, 2013Sew White

    I had the idea for this cake the other day while thinking about a bar of lavender dark chocolate I had been given as a present a few years ago. I wanted to see if I could make a cake with the similar flavours.  To my surprise it’s worked! This cake tastes amazing and my…

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  • Sydney Food by Bill Granger

    February 11, 2013Sew White

    This week I was determined to make a main meal from a cookbook for the cookbook year and decided to make something from Sydney Food by Bill Granger. However looking through his wonderful book I cam across the wonderful recipe for chocolate chip cookies. I can not resist cookies.  Everything I needed for the recipe I had in the…

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  • The Great British Bake Off How to Bake

    February 5, 2013Sew White

    This week’s book is the The Great British Bake Off How to Bake. There were so many recipes in this book I hadn’t tried which I wanted to bake. I decided after the lavender biscuits that dunked into tea so nicely I wanted to keep along the line of biscuits. Flipping through the book I…

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  • Lavender and Lady Grey Biscuits

    February 3, 2013Sew White

    Lavender and Lady Grey Biscuits The Comic Relief Bake Off was fantastic and I know a lot of people were inspired to bake with edible lavender after watching it. Edible lavender is easy to get hold of – I got mine from amazon. I’ve also found that the variety of lavender which is edible is…

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  • Comic Relief Bake Off

    January 24, 2013Sew White

    This week I have loved having the Bake Off back on our screens. I love the celebrities and I love what they have baked. I am really looking forward to seeing Ed Byrne on tonights episode. He is one of my most favourite comedians.  I was looking through the bake off website on the BBC…

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