Top 5 Food Gifts for Christmas 2019 – Christmas Gift Guide

Check out my list for the Top 5 Food Gifts for Christmas 2019. A delicious mix of goodies that you need to try this festive period.

It is really hard to create a Top 5 Food Gifts for Christmas 2019 as there are so many items I want to include. I decided to pick the items I’ve recently tried and have really loved. Time to get hungry.

A little bubbly in your jam with the Hawkshead Relish Company

sour cherry and prosecco jam by the hawkshead relish company in the Top 5 Food Gifts for Christmas 2019

The Hawkshead Relish company is a family run venture running out of the Lake District Town of Hawkshead. They started with a small range of Chutneys, Relishes and Preserves and now have over 100 products in their ever growing collection.

Starting off small and selling from their cafe they took the opportunity to sell their preserves further afield to Garden Centres, Shops and Restaurants. Their products are now available to buy online from their website shop here.

The Hawkshead Relish Company have creating an incredible range of foodie products but it’s the sour cherry and prosecco jam that I am in awe of. The taste is incredible and the mix between soft tart fruit with the sweetness of the prosecco is a winning combination.

I will be using this jam in a Christmas cake soon so stay tuned for that!

Find out more about the Sour Cherry and Prosecco jam and other relishes from Hawshead here.

The Best Bite of Chocolate with MIA in the Top 5 Food Gifts for Christmas 2019

MIA chocolates made in Africa and perfect gifts for the Top 5 Food Gifts for Christmas 2019

MIA Chocolate is Proudly Made in Africa (MIA). It is entirely crafted by communities in Africa ensuring that products aren’t just made in Africa, but are done so with locally sourced ingredients and materials. Creating more jobs on a continent where a single income can support an entire family.

Chocolate with a cause and great reason to support them. It also helps that their chocolate is truly delicious so support is easy. For Christmas I tried the coconut bar. It was so smooth and silky and tasted like a great Caribbean holiday. The second bar I had the definitely Christmassy cranberry and hazelnut bar. It’s a lovely fruit and nut bar which really encapsulates those iconic festive flavours. The final one is the dark chocolate 100% cocoa bar which is so dark and absolutely perfect to enjoy slowly. It’s so rich a small bite will melt slowly on your tongue and be the perfect amount to enjoy.

Find out more about MIA chocolates and to order your bars click here.

Go Nuts This Christmas with Nutmad

Nutmad nuts selection box for the Top 5 Food Gifts for Christmas 2019

What would Christmas be without a selection of nuts. Each year I love getting a range of nuts to enjoy and this year I have discovered Nutmad. They create delicious activated nuts which are available in different sizes and as part of a subscription.

“Nuts contain natural chemicals, which can bind their nutrients such as iron, zinc, calcium, manganese and the body doesn’t always absorb them fully. Soaking in water breaks down these natural chemicals and makes the good stuff more available. Also, nuts become easier digestible and tastier.”


I tried out the selection box which is the mini packets of nuts so you can try out the full range of goodies. In the selection snack box there are packets of the Activated Walnuts with salted maple and caramel, Activated Cashews with Maple and Rosemary, Plain Activated Almonds, Activated Salted Almonds and Activated Mixed Nuts.

Nutmad individual bags

Each bag is 30g, which is also the recommended daily dose of nuts for a healthy diet. The bag is also resealable so no worrying about them going off too quickly. Perfect for taking in your bag on the go or having on your desk at work for a little healthy snack.

I loved the range of nuts. The flavours were delicious and so easy eat. I would really recommend the Activated Walnuts with salted maple and caramel. I’ve loved snack on them and it’s nice to try a new way that nuts have been prepared.

Check out the nut snack box and sign up for the Nutmad subscription products here.

Chocolate Wreaths from The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Company – Top 5 Food Gifts for Christmas 2019

Mini chocolate wreaths perfect for stocking fillers from the gourmet chocolate pizza company. In the Top 5 Food Gifts for Christmas 2019
Chocolate wreaths from the Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Company

These are the cutest Christmas chocolates and perfect for gifts. The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Company are known for their iconic chocolate pizzas but they also have a fantastic range of chocolate gifts. For Christmas they have bought out these cute Belgian chocolate wreaths. One full of nuts and fruit and one filled with squishy marshmallows. Hang them on the tree or eat straight out of the packet. They are delicious and very moreish.

They are so cute for Christmas presents and perfect for chocolate fans. Pop them in a stocking, give them as a secret Santa gift or use them on the Christmas table for place settings.

Great stocking fillers for chocolate fans

hereTo order your chocolate wreaths and see what else The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Company have on offer click here.

A scrumptious slice of cake with Ginger Bakers

Top 5 Food Gifts for Christmas 2019 includes the gluten free chocolate orange and amaretto fruit cake from ginger bakers
Gluten Free Chocolate Orange & Amaretto Fruit Cake from Ginger Bakers

Ginger Bakers have created a decadent festive chocolate orange cake with amaretto soaked fruit. It’s then decorated with dark Belgian chocolate and topped with orange slice. What is also great about this cake – it’s Gluten Free!

The Ginger Bakers create an incredible range of baked goodies. From little bites to full sized cakes. Founded in 2006 in the Lake District, Ginger Bakers started by making delicious goodies for farmers markets. Ginger Bakers sell their cakes and bakes to an array of cafes, independent retailers and restaurants up and down the country. Lucky for us they are sell direct to the public as well via their website. Or from their bakery shop at Plumgarths in the Lakes. 

Great Christmas cake for Gluten free foodie fans
The rich and fruity

For more information about the delicious items from Ginger Bakers and to be taken to their shop click here.

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Disclaimer - Some of these items were gifted. All opinions are my own.

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