Top 5 Drinks for Christmas 2019 – Christmas Gift Guide

I’ve rounded up my list for the Top 5 Drinks for Christmas 2019. There is so many wonderful drinks and it was hard to narrow it down but I love my choices. May your Christmas be wonderful and with the best drinks.

Coffee to start the day with Barista & Co

Pouring coffee from a barista and co french press for christmas morning in the Top 5 Drinks for Christmas 2019

What better way to start what will be a full on Christmas day than with a wonderful cup of freshly brewed coffee. Barista and Co make a mean cup of coffee with their range of brewing equipment and coffee. The 3 cup French Coffee Press is ultra sleek and stylish. It makes a great amount of coffee for 3 cups while still being compact. If you’re really feeling like a massive coffee it’s a good size for a larger brew for one. It’s also really easy to clean which a massive bonus.

Arabica course ground Colombian, Brazilian and Costa Rican coffee from barista and co

The Blue Mountain coffee made from Arabica course ground Colombian, Brazilian and Costa Rican coffee from Barista and Co is my absolute favourite. It’s rich, aromatic and rather addictive too. It has that flavour that makes the world melt away so you can have a wonderful mindful moment to yourself. It’s strong and will set you up for the day.

Coffee brewing in a barista and co french coffee press.

Visit Barista and Co for all your coffee needs. Click here to go to their website.

Red Wine Time with Apothic Red

Top 5 Drinks for Christmas 2019 with Apothic Red wine

A red wine perfect for all occasions. Apothic red has been my favourite since I enjoyed a wine tasting at Bar & Co in the summer. It’s a full bodied fruity red but incredibly well flavoured to go with steaks and meaty dishes. However it also works very well with light Italian pastas too. This Christmas I will be making sure I stock up with a few bottles. All the roasts and dinners that will take place need a great red. It’s also a great bottle to gift.

A tall bottle of Apothic red wine perfect for Christmas dinner

Find out more about Apothic here and pick up your bottle from Amazon using the link below (Affiliate link).

A Proper Pint for Party Time with Beerwulf

Beer Wulf beer tap at home with krups machine in the Top 5 Drinks for Christmas 2019

The SUB Beer Tap from Beerwulf provides beer fans with fresh draught beer at home. The compact machine can fit neatly on to the kitchen service without taking up a huge amount of room. This little kitchen gadget is great for Christmas parties at home. However it would also make a wonderful present for beer fans.

Examples of the 2L kegs available for the Krups sub beer tap in the Top 5 Drinks for Christmas 2019
The choice of beers that Beerwulf have is huge and to start the party we had the Heineken, Affligem and Brand Session IPA.
Beer being poured from the sub machine beer tap in the Top 5 Drinks for Christmas 2019
Yes I know that is way too much head but it’s hard to pour, hold the glass and take a photo at the same time.

The options for beers are numerous. The small beer tap takes the 2L kegs available on their website I’m sure you’ll also find it very easy to pick out ones to try as well as your usual favourites. Beerwulf have beers ranging from Heineken and Birra Moretti to Tiger and Desperados. Make sure you check out my Instagram page @sewwhite in the run up to Christmas to see it in action!

As well as the beer taps Beerwulf also offer a range of beer gifts. This includes gift boxes and even a beer advent calendar!

The beer sub in use at a home party from beer wulf krups machine in the Top 5 Drinks for Christmas 2019

To get your beer tap and check out the wonderful range of beers on off go to the Beerwulf website here.

Tea Time with Whittard in the Top 5 Drinks for Christmas 2019

Whittard make incredible Christmas tea each year and this year they have the cutest mini caddies. They are perfect for gifts for friends and family, but also as a gift for yourself. The different caddies include Christmas black tea, Mulled Wine fruit tea and silent night green tea. They each come in the cutest metal caddies perfect for displaying after use or topping up with other teas to keep them fresh.

Whittard Christmas tea in a gold and red caddy on the Top 5 Drinks for Christmas 2019

The Mulled Wine fruit tea is lovely and has a gorgeous flavour filled with spices and lovingly warming too. It’s a hug a Christmas mug! The Christmas tea is a strong black tea with cloves, orange peel and vanilla. The smell alone will make you feel Christmassy. The Silent Night green tea is very relaxing and like the name is wonderful for enjoying before bed. The green tea has creamy white chocolate stars to give you wonderful dreams.

Whittard Christmas tea mini caddies on the Top 5 Drinks for Christmas 2019

The presentation of the caddies wonderful. They are bright gold and come with an inner lid to keep the tea extra fresh. I love how shiny they are too. Proper Christmas colours!

Whittard christmas tea silent night green tea

Order your mini caddies from Whittard’s Christmas Emporium here.

A Christmas Spirit with Cranes Liqueur

Cranes Liqueur cranberry and blood orange flavour perfect for christmas cocktails.

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without cocktails and what you need for your drinks this year is Cranes Liqueur. The cranberry and blood orange liqueur is perfect when added to your Prosecco or Champagne for some festive flavour. It’s also wonderful added to your classic gin & tonic. I have also been creating a few special Christmas cocktails which will be on the blog soon.

Cranes Drinks are created by twin brothers Ben & Dan Ritsema when they collaborated with one of the UK’s top mixologists to develop Cranes Liqueur. The liqueur is handcrafted from the highest quality cranberries sourced from Wisconsin USA. It’s then infused with natural blood orange juices & orange rind to create their iconic flavour.

Each bottle has 115 delicious cranberries in with a 17% Vol so it can definitely pack a punch. A perfect bottle to add to your collection for Christmas. Also a wonderful present!

Cranes Liqueur cranberry and blood orange drink in the Top 5 Drinks for Christmas 2019

Thank you for reading my Top 5 Drinks for Christmas 2019 Blog post!

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Disclaimer - Some of these items were gifted. All opinions are my own.

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