Mulled Wine

  • Mulled Wine Pears

    December 18, 2018Sew-White

    Mulled wine pears are a super delicious and quick dessert to make. These easy to make slow cooker pears means they are made in advance and kept warm until serving. The mix of the mulled wine and Christmas spices makes it a lovely winter pudding, Christmas dessert perfect or an indulgent dinner party dessert.

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  • Christmas Strudel Wreath

    December 21, 2017Sew-White

    This is a delicious, lovely, fun and festive dessert. My Christmas Strudel Wreath looks gorgeous on the dinning table and tastes pretty good too. A Christmas strudel is a fun Christmas dessert to make. You build up layers of filo pastry to give a beautifully crisp shell that holds the beautifully sweet mincemeat filling inside.

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  • Mulled Wine, Plum and Blackberry Jam

    March 16, 2013Sew White

    It is a great time of year to make this jam as plums are only 50p in my local supermarket so I’m guessing most of the supermarkets have similar deals. I produced 6 jars for only £6. The wine was the most expensive thing and lasted for 2 batches so 12 jars altogether. Very good deal indeed. A lot of gorgeous plums. The recipe called for 700g of plums (stones still in)  I used2 punnets which was roughly 1kg with stones. It seemed a shame to leave a few plums which most likely weren’t going to be used.   Add the blackberries and the…

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