The Surprise Wedding Anniversary Party

Wedding Anniversary Party inspiration from my parents surprise party. Some easy things to do to have a lovely party at home.

Last year was my parent’s 25th anniversary and it was always the plan to throw a big party for friends and family but life got in the way and we never got round to it. Since it was a bit sad to not have the party I decided to go it alone and organise it for my mum and dad this year as a 25+1 party and hopefully have as not a big year they wouldn’t be expecting it.

It was a lovely thing to do and I’m glad I did it just to see their faces of shock and happiness when they walked in and I said Happy Anniversary and then everyone jumped out and said surprise.

The cake

The cake was made by my friend Mel at Hercule’s Cakehouse I designed the cake topper – I managed to sneak out Mum and Dad’s wedding photo and scan it and add the text on photoshop. Mel printed it and made the cake for it to sit on. I was going to make the cake but it would have been very hard to make such a large cake without it being suspicious. Plus Mel’s cakes are far better than anything I could make. The cake tasted amazing and was a fantastic surprise for my parents and everyone at the party.

Sew White surprise wedding anniversary party 1

My cousin took the great photo of my parents arriving and their faces during the surprise. With the cake, Mr & Mrs / Will & Lori toothpick flags I made the huge amounts of champagne bottles in the recycling the next morning. My parents have very generous friends.

Sew White surprise wedding anniversary party 3

I made Mr & Mrs and Will & Lori biscuits which looked fabulous. I used my new drinks dispenser from Marks and Spencer’s for the pimms, cut up 2 kilograms of strawberries and made little flags which looked fabulous in the sandwiches.

Wedding Anniversary Party

Sew White surprise wedding anniversary party 4

There was a huge amount of food. I couldn’t let all the guests go hungry and I love making and baking as you all know. Even with all the food I forgot to eat during the party. There were lots of lovely things with a Vietnamese theme. This was because my mum and dad went there for their 25th anniversary holiday. I included spring rolls, prawn crackers and chicken skewers. Also there was food with a  Mediterranean theme with tomatoes, olives and anitpasti goodies and of course a few good English favourites like ham sandwiches, cress and cucumber sandwiches and cheesecakes.

Sew White surprise wedding anniversary party 5

I bought this fabulous heart candle holder to decorate the kitchen island with the flowers and the cake.

Sew White surprise wedding anniversary party 6

I was hoping for good weather and with that in mind bought 100 metres of fairy lights in 2 x 50metre pieces. To hang them I strung them up between the house (using clamps) and a metal bar backdrop stand. Borrowed from my dad. I found the fabulous pom poms from lakeland in the first week I started planning. The colours for the party came from them; white, light blue and purple. The pom poms looked fabulous with the lights as a canopy. If it had rained I did not have a plan, so I was very lucky the rain stopped.

Sew White surprise wedding anniversary party 7

I love the pom poms!

Sew White surprise wedding anniversary party 8

The final details

For decorations in the house I had these lovely star lights from homebase at Christmas. They really looked lovely and added something special to the night.

Sew White surprise wedding anniversary party 9

As a family who love flowers these were just a few of the bunches we were given at the party by friends and some I bought for the party too. Peonies, Cornflowers, Stocks and Arum Lilies.

Sew White surprise wedding anniversary party 10

It was a fabulous night and it was lovely to surprise my parents to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

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10 thoughts on “The Surprise Wedding Anniversary Party”

  1. Fantastic surprise! You overwhelmed us with your creativity. How did you keep it a secret?
    For Lori and I, it certainly was a great and unexpected surprise. A beautiful evening spent with lots of dear and old friends. Sisley you excelled yourself fabulously.

  2. What a lovely thing to do for your parents. The surprise party and the beautiful cake, it all looks so good. Love the expression of surprise on Lori’s face!

    • Thank you Janice,
      It was so funny they had the look of surprise on their faces all evening.
      Especially as more and more people turned up to celebrate with them.

  3. Wow, the named biscuits really do look great, and the cake is a lovely touch. I’m definitely going to come back for ideas for my parents’ 20th next year.

    • Thank you Caity.
      I’m glad I can provide some inspiration. It was fun to do and I absolutely loved doing it 🙂

    • Thank you Stella, It was a great night and I have to admit I’ve found a few things I forgot about I think everyone enjoyed themselves.
      I wish we could have kept the lights up – they were so gorgeous. X


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