Wedding Anniversary Party Food

Wedding Anniversary Party Food can be easy. For my parent’s anniversary I used a mix of homemade and shop bought items to make a delicious spread.

As a foodie fiend the food at the surprise wedding anniversary party was important.
The homemade flags looked fabulous and so happy on the sandwiches.

Sew White surprise wedding anniversary party food 1

I planned out lots of different items all snack and easy to consume without needing a table. There were 3 main areas I explored in the food Vietnamese, Mediterranean and British. To celebrate their 25th my parents went to Vietnam and we’ve been having a lot of Vietnamese food since. For Vietnam I had spring rolls, chicken skewers and prawn crackers. In the Mediterranean section I had couscous, olives, cooked meats and yummy anitpasti things. All good to snack on. For the British side of things it was strawberries – nearly 3 kilograms altogether, cheesecakes, ham salad sandwiches and cucucmber and cress sandwiches, plus a few biscuits. Biscuits are very British right?

I didn’t think the sandwiches would be hugely popular not with all the other food but they were snapped up. It was worth making them all to see them all enjoyed and disappear through the night.

Wedding Anniversary Party Food

I made these lovely rich vanilla biscuits and decorated them with my alphabet stamp kit I used to sell when Sew White was a shop. It was nice to make the food a little more personal and fun.

Sew White surprise wedding anniversary party food 2

A massive pot of strawberries – there was just under 2 kilograms in there.
Love hearts of course!

Sew White surprise wedding anniversary party food 3

All the recipes from this event are at the bottom of the page

I made a lot of little toothpick flags to use to decorate the food.
Pretty and useful to spearing your dinner.

Sew White surprise wedding anniversary party food 4

I made these fabulous marshmallow snacks. Everyone loved them. Recipe will be on the blog this week.

chocolate dipped marshmallows

I had the malteser fridge tray bake which was the first thing to be completely consumed.
It’s always a hit to make and here is the link to recipe;

Sweet treats and delicious food

Lots of chicken skewers, Yakitori and Satay. These came from Sainsburys in their frozen party range. They were delicious.
I really liked that all the Sainsbury’s frozen party food cooked at the same temperature for the same amount of time. It made it a lot easier to manage cooking so much food.

chicken skewers for the surprise wedding anniversary party food 7

The spring rolls were so tasty especially with some sweet chilli dipping sauce.

Sew White surprise wedding anniversary party food 8

So much happy happy food.

Sew White surprise wedding anniversary party food 9

A family friend Neil posted a lovely photo on Instagram of the cheesecakes and their little flags.
If you would like to make a yummy cheesecake here are my recipes;

Sew White surprise wedding anniversary party food 10

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So much happy food so little time.

Recipes from the day

Marshmallow Chocolate Pops

I adore these Chocolate Marshmallow Pops. Marshmallows dipped in chocolate are one thing but these are next level treats. Marshmallow pops are so easy to make, look beautiful and will make always be popular with adults and kids alike. Dress them up with sprinkles, dried fruit and even chopped nuts.

Strawberries and Cream Cheesecake – No Bake Recipe

This Strawberries and Cream Cheesecake with Baileys summer liqueur and Lindor truffles is just incredible! It's my go-to easy no-bake cheesecake for summer parties and of course celebrating Wimbledon fortnight. With a buttery shortbread biscuit base, a truffle studded cheesecake layer laced with Baileys Strawberry and Cream and a fresh strawberry topping, I have no doubt it'll become your favourite easy dessert too!

Maltesers Summer Fridge Tray Bake

Basic Vanilla Biscuits

This recipe is the simple vanilla biscuit recipe I use for all my biscuits. It also works really well with embossed rolling pins.

Gin Limoncello Cocktail

This gin limoncello cocktail with a hint of crushed thyme is a beautiful drink. An easy cocktail which is full of flavour is a great summer party cocktail. A gin limoncello tonic is perfect for sipping in the sun and has a fresh aromatic yet glorious citrus flavour. If you are looking for a limoncello cocktail you are in the right place!

Easy Elderflower Prosecco Cocktail

This is an easy way to turn a glass of Prosecco into a cocktail. My prosecco cocktail with Rose and Elderflower is perfect for sipping for parties. A great party drink that is easy to make and even easier to enjoy.

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