Unicorn Christmas Cake

December 23, 2017Sew White

If you love Christmas, unicorns and cake this is a bake for you. Follow these simple instructions and make your own unicorn Christmas cake at home.

I loved creating this cake. Since I posted it I’ve had orders from friends and family to make them for children’s birthday parties and Christmas events. Check out my video below on how I did it.

I love unicorns and Christmas so it was only logical that I would combine them to make my Christmas cake! It was such a simple way to decorate the cake and it looked gorgeous. I added a little gold dust to the holly and horn to make it glitter! A little holly leaf cutter can do wonders for a subtle yet cute decorations.

Christmas decorated unicorn cake perfect for unicorn fans


Check out my little how video on how I made the Union Christmas Cake!

The gorgeous finished unicorn Christmas cake

The finished Unicorn Christmas Cake

I absolutely love this cake. It doesn’t take too long to make but really looks gorgeous. A simple white cake with added golden horn, little ears and hand drawn eye lashes. I also added a few holly leaves and berries to give it the Christmas feel. I love using the gold lustre powder to decorations they really give a great shimmer and joy to the finished cake. For the eyes I used a black colour paste with a little water a very thin paint brush.

golden details on the holly on the Unicorn Christmas Cake
Merry Christmas x

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