Whittard Glossy Box Halloween Party

Jenny Conlon went for a ghoulish night out at the Whittard Glossy Box Halloween Party. There was dressing up and hot chocolate creating too.

Well what can I say, Whittard of Chelsea and Glossybox certainly know how to collaborate and threw one hell of a Halloween party on Thursday 3 October. The location, Whittard Chelsea Tea Bar which is located in The Piazza at Covent Garden, a truly dreamy location if you’ve not yet visited.

On arrival, we had to choose whether we wanted to spend the evening as an Angel or a Devil. I felt very devilish that night, so I opted for the red horns.

Whittard Glossy Box Halloween Party dress up area of angels and devils.

A Halloween party is not a real one until you get your face painted is it? So that’s what we did. The incredibly talented Laura from Bicester Face Painting upped the devil ante and added some seriously slick face paint, which really accentuated my red devil horns!

Halloween Hot Chocolate

We were presented with the most delicious hot chocolate menu. It had a list of the most wonderful and charming flavours from raspberry ripple to rocky road and from sticky toffee pudding to Mumbai spice and everything in between. In fact, there were 21 flavours in total with 5 different milk options and lots of vegan friendly ones too. I myself went for the 70% dark chocolate with almond milk, just to live up to my
devilish ways.

Hot chocolate toppings station and glossybox cupcakes at the Whittard Glossy Box Halloween Party

The delight did not end there. Oh no. While I waited for my personalised hot chocolate to arrive, we were put to the test. We visited a number of flavour stations doted around the room. We had to taste and guess the secret flavours in a hot chocolate guessing game. It was not an easy game however it was one that I was more than happy to take part!

With hot chocolate in hand I was guided to the decoration table. The table was stocked up with the most divine toppings for my hot chocolate. We had vegan marshmallows, fudge pieces, chocolate chips, syrup and squirty cream to seal the deal. It was heaven in a mug.

Jenny Conlon writer at the Whittard Glossy Box Halloween Party

To complete our evening, we were then given a sneak peak into the contents of the October Glossybox. It was a true privilege as the products included for October are unbelievable. We all left the evening and walked into the glistening night of Covent Garden with the most beautiful
Whittard Chelsea hot chocolate products and a Glossybox. After all of that, there’s only one thing left to ask you… Trick or Treat? I can safely say the entire experience was one big long dreamy Halloween treat!

Thank you for the invite to the Whittard Glossy Box Halloween Party

Happy Halloween! X x x x
To see more angelic and devilish pictures of the night, make sure to follow the #WhittardxGlossy @whittardUK @glossyboxuk

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