Top 5 Family Gifts for Christmas 2019 – Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is the perfect time for spending festive moments with the family. Enjoy my Top 5 Family Gifts for Christmas 2019 for gift inspiration.

I love Christmas. It’s my favourite time of year. There is delicious food and drink, time with friends and family, games and of course presents. Above all, I love the family time. I’ve rounded up my top 5 items that I think are perfect for the family of all ages this Christmas.

Christmas Movies with iBeani

Top 5 Family Gifts for Christmas 2019

Christmas Movies with the iBeani at in the Top 5 Gifts for a Family Christmas 2019

This is possibly one of my all time favourite gadgets and the whole family has definitely taken to the lovely iBeani too! A lovely little bean bag that is perfect for supporting your phone and tablets to give you a hands free viewing experience. I can see how popular these would be for children watching a Christmas movie. Big kids too. I use it when I’m sewing to watching Netflix and even at my desk when I have Spotify on and I want to see my play list while working. By keeping the phone or tablet hands free, while also propped up to whatever angle you like, it really does become a useful piece of kit straight away. It’s also super light but sturdy when it has games on.

While driving home for Christmas this would be a perfect addition to make the car rides go a lot more smoothly. You could also try it in a Christmas den or teepee to make the Christmas magic last even longer. I loved it for my little pre-Christmas Miracle on 34th Street watching this week. Any excuse for a Christmas movie!

soft mini beanbag for your iPad perfect for Christmas movie nights.
Mini movie night with the iBeani playing Miracle on 34th Street with popcorn and milk.

iBeani is hand-made in the UK and is a stylish and lightweight, award-winning tablet bean bag stand designed to hold any size tablet device securely, so that you don’t have to! Great on your lap, on the sofa, in bed or for holding recipes in the kitchen; offering a stable and comfortable experience wherever you require a tablet device holder.


Order your iBeani direct from their website here

Christmas Stories with Crumble Cottage

Christmas at Crumble Cottage by Stephen Yorke perfect in the Top 5 Gifts for a Family Christmas 2019

Crumble Cottage is a haven for design and story telling. Their beautiful range of gifts, kitchenware and homeware are created and made in England. The designs are created by artist and writer Stephen Yorke. His hand drawn artwork is crafted with beautiful and intricate black and white pen illustrations. There is a wonderful love of animals and the countryside in the designs. Crumble Cottage adds a wonderful joy and fun to what they create. Making everything they sell make you feel young and looking at the world in a beautiful way.

For Christmas they have their book A Christmas at Crumble Cottage. This beautiful Christmas book tells the tale of Rosemary and Sedgewick as they prepare and celebrate Christmas at Crumble Cottage. Full of exquisite illustrations including mice keeping warm by the fire, cooking their food and decorating for the festive period (have a look below to fall in love with Stephen’s iconic style). A wonderful gift for Christmas-lovers of all ages. This book will be a favourite in your home for each Christmas to come. I think it is perfect for cuddling up with on a cold night. Especially when you’re tucked up in the warm in the light of the Christmas tree.

New this Christmas is ‘ Christmas old Callers’. A mystical, heart-warming tale, set in Crumble Cottage. Both books are wonderful gifts for Christmas lovers.

Beautiful hand drawn illustrations by Crumble Cottage

Visit Crumble Cottage to see their other beautiful home and kitchen items as well as order their Christmas at Crumble Cottage book here.

Going on Safari with Brio World

Top 5 Family Gifts for Christmas 2019

Biro Safari Adventure with Top 5 Gifts for a Family Christmas 2019 from Elys Wimbledon

A treat for the smaller family members this Christmas is the Brio World Safari Adventure set. Brio are iconic. Their wooden sets are known by most people who have had them as children. Plus with the rise of eco gifting the wooden sets are proving very popular with families wanting to reduce their plastic consumption. Although a lot of the sets are all wooden there are some elements which are plastic. It is kept to a minimum I promise.

The reason why I wanted to include this Safari Adventure set is because I think it will also appeal to the adults. The little camera man who is filming the safari is definitely meant to be a mini David Attenborough. So while the little ones in the family are playing, take over the film maker role and put on your best Attenborough voice and narrate the fun times. Even seeing the box and the videographer character I’ve seen adults put the voice on.

Brio World safari adventure set
Biro World David Attenborough look a like on safari

Pick up the gorgeous Brio World Safari Adventure Set from Elys Wimbledon in their lovely toy department with games for all ages. Find out more about Elys Wimbledon here.

Getting Creative with Pictionary Air

Pictionary Air from Elys Wimbledon in the Top 5 Gifts for a Family Christmas 2019

Pictionary Air is a modern take on a classic and a lot of fun for the family. You will be jumping about, moving and shaking while you try and draw. What makes it different from the original is there is now an app involved! Since everyone seems to be on their phones the whole time anyway now they can be, while also playing the game.

The camera on the phone makes what is being drawn with the pen in the air appear on your screen allowing the teams to guess. As the person drawing you won’t see what the others see but it is a funny way to spend time. You can also record the performances and play them back for extra laughs. There are harder clues and easier ones so it can be perfect to play with different ages. I think younger children would enjoy the drawing in the air function too.

I tried taking photos of us playing it but it’s so hard to get the feel of the game in photos. In the run up to Christmas I will be posting videos of using the game as it’s really funny. Be warned it gets really addictive.

Top 5 Gifts for the Family Christmas 2019 Pictionary Air

Pick up the Pictionary Air Set and other great family games from Elys Wimbledon. Their lovely toy department has games for all ages. Find out more about Elys Wimbledon here.

Playing games with the new Eco game Nudge in The Top 5 Family Gifts for Christmas 2019

Eco game Nudge perfect for Christmas presents 5 Gifts for a Family Christmas

Nudge is the game with an environmental edge.

Creator Dan Bramham, developed the game over the last few years. He is an avid gamer and like so many of us was frustrated by the amount of packaging. Plus he also wanted to play a game that didn’t require hours of commitment. Dan decided to tackle both problems head on. The result is an addictive game that is completely eco-friendly. The counters are potato-based, and fully biodegradable. The board is created from kraft board which is already from recycled materials. If you left the counters out in the rain after 6 months they would completely return to mother nature.

5 Gifts for the Family Christmas including Nudge

Order your Nudge game from their online shop here.

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Disclaimer - Some of these items were gifted. All opinions are my own.

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