Mulled Wine, Plum and Blackberry Jam

March 16, 2013Sew White

Mulled Wine, Plum and Blackberry Jam

Since I got the jam making bug a few weeks ago I’m always looking for new recipes and I was very happily introduced the wonderful blog Diet What Diet The recipe for the jam recipe and link to the website

It is a great time of year to make this jam as plums are only 50p in my local supermarket so I’m guessing most of the supermarkets have similar deals. I produced 6 jars for only £6. The wine was the most expensive thing and lasted for 2 batches so 12 jars altogether.
Very good deal indeed.

A lot of gorgeous plums. The recipe called for 700g of plums (stones still in)  I used2 punnets which was roughly 1kg with stones. It seemed a shame to leave a few plums which most likely weren’t going to be used.

Sew White mulled wine jam 1

Add the blackberries and the mulled wine

Sew White mulled wine jam 2

Reduce the fruit down with the wine so it’s soft and mushy.

Sew White mulled wine jam 3

I reduced it down to this mushy gorgeousness before adding the sugar. I used a potato masher to break all the fruit up.

Sew White mulled wine jam 4

Add the huge amount of sugar!
It was meant to be 1kg but I added 900g as I didn’t have enough. It was very sweet though, it taste lacking in sugar.

Sew White mulled wine jam 5

After filling the jars this was the state of my jam pan. We scooped up the jam with fresh crusty bread. It was lovely!

Sew White mulled wine jam 6

I found some gorgeous fabric so I made these cute patches to go on top.

Sew White mulled wine jam 7

Thats the best jam I’ve ever had!

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