Christmas at Wahaca

With so many different traditional Christmas menus available I ventured to try a Mexican slant on a festive feast with Christmas at Wahaca.

The countdown to Christmas is on and the tacos at Wahaca are calling. It’s the time of year to meet up with friends and family and enjoy a delicious meal. There are so many places that are offering something traditional. However a sharing feast or banquet filled with spices and fresh flavours, trying out the Wahaca Christmas menu was an interesting alternative.

The best way to start a meal is with cocktails.

Cocktails are a delicious way to relax with friends and Wahaca have a great cocktail menu including Hibiscus Margaritas and their Christmas hibiscus fizz (a mix of prosecco with a splash of sweet hibiscus). Sparkly and fruity. What a gorgeous combination. The hibiscus flavours also work so well with the food. Wahaca also have a fabulous tequila selection if you’re feeling adventurous.

The menu and first course

Sitting down with a friend we excitedly went through the menu and got excited about different dishes. We had to choose between the feast and banquet. Both were incredibly tempting! The feast called to me – a lot of sharing dishes that keeps the Christmas dinner a relaxed and fun affair. The Banquet (fit for a foodie queen) was a selection of our favourite street food sharing dishes followed by a bigger plate per person. Both options come with the incredible mince pie empanada for dessert.

mushroom tostada

Pictured above is the mushroom tostada. Mushrooms with goats cheese and toasted hazelnuts on a crisp tortilla. The tortilla was so crisp, the cheese creamy and mushrooms so juicy and moreish. It’s on the Feast sharing menu and if you love mushrooms you need to try it.

One of my favourites at Wahaca and a favourite to so many others is the Trealy Farm chorizo quesadilla that also has crushed sweet potato and chorizo in. The texture and taste of this simple looking quesedilla is more than you can imagine and the one thing on the item I would recommend about everything else. It’s a great introduction to Wahaca and Mexican dishes. Plus it’s highly addictive so be prepared to visit and time and time again.

Turkey Time

Turkey tacos topped with olives

At first sight I was a little dubious about this taco. Turkey tacos topped with olives… hmm I feared a weird flavour combination but my fear was very mistaken. The Christmas special taco is made with shredded turkey with a rich tomato sauce served in corn tortillas, topped with toasted almonds and a sweet ancho relish. This is a dish worth having. The rich and slightly sweet tomato sauce, shredded turkey, nuttiness of the almonds and surprisingly bitterness of the olives just worked. I love this tree-mendous tortilla and can’t wait to visit Wahaca for my work dinner next week so I can have it again. Christmas puns have also started!

sweet potato and feta taquito at wahaca this Christmas

Have you ever had a blue corn tortilla? On the left is the sweet potato and feta taquito made with caramelised onion, salsa and chipotle mayo in a crisp blue tortilla. This was fabulous and friends fought of the last mouthful. What experiencing so much of the Wahaca menu has taught me is how much care and trial has gone into creating such a menu. The spices, textures and overall flavours have been loving worked on and refined to create such a delicious menu and the care and attention has paid off.

The dish to the right is the beef shin taco. This slow cooked beef shin is cooked with Mexican spices, served in corn tortillas topped with sweet plantain. Unlike the other dishes so far this was slightly sweeter. The beef on it’s own was so succulent and rich but mixed with the sweet it was very different. I think if you’re a fan of fruit in savoury dishes then it will be very appealing.

Time for another Christmas hibiscus fizz

 Beautifu cocktail Christmas hibiscus fizz at Wahaca

Exclusively at Wahaca

chargrilled Crown Prince squash is grown exclusively for Wahaca by Riverford Organic

At Wahaca they have an exclusive vege dish which is rather wonderful. The chargrilled Crown Prince squash is grown exclusively for Wahaca by Riverford Organic and has a slightly tart taste. It was served with kale and cashew nut mole and topped with pomegranate too, it was so fresh and felt hearty. A very photogenic dish.

Crown Prince squash is grown exclusively for Wahaca by Riverford Organic

Foodie parcels and presents

beef shin at wahaca

On the Banquet menu was a bigger plate option for beef shin. A slow cooked beef and mild Mexican spices and sweet plantain. Served as a bigger plate to build your own tacos or as the two tacos from the street food specials menu. (Photo above). Being served with this parcel on a plate was a treat and it definitely felt like a foodie present. Pulling the string to release the incredible smell and steam made me so hungry and I couldn’t help but dive right in. The beef shin was presented with tacos and a range of salsas so you could make your own tacos. Safe to say mine were did not reach the Wahaca presentation standards. Luckily though I ate the evidence.

Wahaca sharing meal

Delicious salsas and sides. The presentation of this part of the banquet meal wonderful. It was so inclusive and really promoted the aspect of sharing which I love so much about Wahaca.

Black beans and the Wahaca slaw. So delicious and full of flavour.

This sweet potato, tomato, spinach and seed salsa side was one of my absolute favourite parts of the meal. It had a great range of flavours and tasted fresh and healthy.

Dessert time

A hot Mince Pie empanada at Wahaca this Christmas

Since I heard that there was Mince Pie empanada on the menu for Christmas I knew I was being called to try it. I love mince pies and empanadas. Win win. I was not disappointed. It was heavily alcoholic, so rich and full of spices. The hot fruit, crispy pastry and cool ice cream makes a delicious end to the Christmas Wahaca experience. One is definitely enough so make sure you leave room to enjoy it this Christmas.

I just had to share the cutest Christmas decorations that Wahaca had. Taco dog, burrito, day of the dead skull and of course a glittery chilli.

*Disclaimer I was gifted the meal in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

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