Gina Conway Blow Dry Bar at Elys Urban Beauty

I was treated to experience a signature blow dry at the Gina Conway Blow Dry Bar at Elys Urban Beauty in Wimbledon. A relaxing and stylish treat that has left my spirits lifted and my confidence boosted.

Elys of Wimbledon, the independent department store in the heart of Wimbledon is constantly updating and adapting.

A little history… Elys was founded in 1876 by Jospeh Ely as a gentleman’s tailor and outfitters. It is the now oldest store in Wimbledon and has been around almost as long as Wimbledon town. After 10 years Joseph Ely expanded the business into the bigger premises which is still where Elys stands today.

Their latest development is their brand new Elys Urban Beauty store. Taking over the Ryman’s property next door the new store brings together a fantastic range of beauty brands.

On the ground floor you have MAC cosmetics, Dermalogica, Aveda hair care, Londora Nail Boutique, Eye Candy Lash and Brow Bar with Gina Conway taking over the first floor for her brand new salon and spa. There is also the Gina Conway Blow Dry Bar where I got my stylish new look and treatment. It’s down on the ground floor and perfect for a quick pampering.

The Elys Urban Beauty Launch Party

I ventured into the new Urban Beauty building for the launch party. Walking through the new brands I arrived at Londora and was treated to a relaxing gel manicure. I have to admit a pampering like that is a major weakness of mine. It’s a great way to wind down and people watch too. Especially at the launch party. There were so many insta celebs and local influencers too coming together to celebrate the newest phase of Elys.

I even enjoyed a glass of prosecco, which made me feel vey super special. Along with a lovely hand massage I felt truly relaxed.

The Blow Dry Bar at Gina Conway

To experience what Elys Urban Beauty had to offer, I was treated to a visit at the new Blow Dry Bar. I love hairdressers playing with my hair! So I jumped at the chance to have an expert make it look good. Knowing how wonderful Gina Conway is I knew I would be leaving with a great blow dry.

I met Michael the legendary stylist and Director at Gina Conway. He sat me down and we talked about what he was going to do. He discussed the products and how he would blow dry my hair to make it look gorgeous but also protect it from the heat.

Visiting the new Gina Conway Blow Dry Bar at Elys Wimbledon at Elys Urban Beauty. Beautiful interiors and comforting welcoming atmosphere.

Inside Gina Conway it was so relaxing and the interiors were beautiful. I felt so calm and relaxed. Almost like a mini holiday away from Wimbledon life. I loved how all the little details had been considered to make the experience extra special.

The tea being bought out on a little tray, with a shot glass of milk and sugar pot was a nice touch. Make it to your exact tea specifications. A wonderful space for some self love time.

Consulting on my hair and scalp before the blow dry

Scalp check at Gina Conway Blow Dry Bar. Looking at the scalp close up to see what the best products would be for your scalp and hair.

Scalp check at Gina Conway Blow Dry Bar. Michael looked at my scalp close up using the Aveda scalp checker camera. This was to see what the best products would be for your scalp and hair. Apparently my hair and scalp are in good condition. It’s very interesting however it it is very weird to see!

Before and after photos of my hair after my visit to the blow at the Blow Dry Bar at Gina Conway in Elys Urban Beauty.

The results are in. Here are the before and after of my blow dry. I think it’s safe to say my hair loved it. The hair treatment was tailor made for my hair and it worked a treat. It made my hair look a lot healthier almost instantly.

The gorgeous big waves definitely suit me. A wonderful experience and Michael made it look effortless to do.

Me with the incredible hair legend Michael from Gina Conway Aveda

This guy was truly amazing. I could have listened to him to talk about hair care and his passion for styling for hours. I would recommend booking in with Michael when you visit. He will make you feel really relaxed and style your hair, with his wisdom, to make it look wonderful.

Ta-Da The finished Blow Dry.

Disclaimer I was gifted this experience. Thank you so much Elys for the treat. #ElysUrbanBeauty

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