Pamper Night in with Keep the Faith London

Keep the Faith London created beautiful towels which are ultra absorbent and quick to dry. I got to experience them in a pamper evening on a wintery night.

On a cold night I treated myself to a proper night in. Not just watching movies or playing on my laptop but actually taking time off for me. I laid out everything on my bed that I would possibly need. Prosecco, candles, chocolates, new nighty, new slippers, note book in case I had a good idea for a blog post or Christmas present, a good book (I’m currently reading The Secret Life of Mrs Beeton) and a set of gorgeous light pink towels from Keep the Faith London.

Light pink Keep the Faith London Game changing Towels

Keep The Faith London Towels

Keep The Faith London have created a range of quick drying and super absorbent towels. You know how with normal towels once they get wet, especially in winter, they take an age to dry? Well having tested the range of these towels I can say how amazed I have been by them. My drying time after showers and baths has reduced as the towels sucks in the water so quickly. Plus the towels are taking about 2-3 hours to dry full hanging on a peg in the bathroom without the help of a radiator.

While also being fantastically quick drying and absorbent the towels come in a range of sizes but also beautiful colours and patterns. I of course chose pink! As well as great for the bathroom they are also light weight and sand repellent so perfect taking on holiday. Towel in the picture below folded out to be a bath towel which is bigger than normal towels. The even larger size is huge and I can wrap it around me about 3 times! It’s also a great gym towel due to it’s size (easy for transporting) and that it dries so quickly. No soggy towel in your bag until you get home. Also it’s washable at a lower temperature, when you do wash them, so that little bit extra eco too!

Although the bath towel and large bath sheet are great it’s the hair towel I love the most. I wrap my hair up after it’s washed and the fabric absorbs so much water I’m not dripping and soggy for ages. My hair is also dryer in about half the time it usually takes. I let mine dry naturally so it can take a while. It’s great if you want to get excess water off before you blow dry it too. It speeds up the drying by a really noticeable amount of time.And the towel doesn’t even seem that soggy after.

Anyway back to my pamper night in

mini bottle of prosecco and candles ready for a pamper night in with Keep the Faith London
Prosecco ready! I love a mini bottle as they are perfect for nights in.
Night in essentials, pamper essentials
New slippers, nightie and Mrs Beeton book among my new Keep The Faith towels.

Does anyone else wrap their towel like this? Apparently it’s weird but it’s the only way I can keep them up after a wash. How gorgeous is the pink and white print. A bath with a mini bottle of prosecco and candles is just the best. Why not grab your iPad and set spotify to play some of the best chillaxing music too.

After a lovely relax it was new pink nighty on and cuddle up in bed with all the blankets and a few hours dedicated to reading. Thank you Keep The Faith for a wonderful night in.

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Disclaimer -  I was gifted the towels from Keep The Faith. All opinions are my own. 

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