Royal pudding ideas to make for the Queen’s Jubilee and the Platinum Pudding Competition

Puddings ideas fit for a Queen. 2022 marks the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and her impressive 70 years on the throne. To celebrate Fortnum & Mason has announced a nationwide baking competition called the Platinum Pudding Competition. I adore puddings so to join in I have rounded up 50+ pudding ideas and recipes to enjoy.

50 plus pudding ideas for the Platinum Pudding Competition

The brief is to design and create a pudding for the jubilee celebrations. There are guest judges including Mary Berry and other brilliant foodies from bloggers to chefs. The winner will go on to have their pudding served at the celebrations.

The winning pudding will be an important part of the celebrations marking Her Majesty’s 70 years as Monarch. And the creator of the winning pudding will be invited to be at the centre of the celebrations.” Fortnum & Mason.

Find out more about the competition on the Fortnum & Mason website.

Union Jack Traybake Cake

Make sure you check out my Jubilee pudding – Union Jack Traybake Cake

Platinum jubilee pudding ideas

To help get everyone in the pudding recipe spirit, I have rounded up a collection of all sorts of brilliant puddings. I hope this will help to give you ideas on what your own Queen’s pudding could be.

Whether you are planning on entering the Platinum Pudding Competition or you’re looking for a pudding to enjoy with family and friends for the platinum jubilee bank holiday I have a recipe for you.


What flavours does the Queen like?

Before we start looking at pudding ideas I did a little research into what the Queen herself enjoys for some inspiration. According to Hello magazine the Queen enjoys strawberries grown at Balmoral plus white peaches grown in her greenhouses at Windsor.

There are hints to her love of chocolate including a chocolate sponge cake which is now the favourite for royal birthdays. “Tradition has, of course, made its way into the royal kitchens – the chocolate ganache sponge cake that is served at birthdays for the Queen and her family was created by Queen Victoria’s chef.Hello Magazine

Apparently, the Queen also loves English breakfast tea. With these glimpses into her tastes, there is definitely a good starting point for your pudding. Plus lots of possibilities of what you can make for the Queen’s Jubilee Platinum Pudding Competition.

Chocolate Puddings ideas to make for the Queen’s Platinum Pudding Competition

Having discovered the Queen enjoys chocolate cakes it seemed like the perfect way to start by sharing chocolate pudding ideas.

double chocolate orange cupcakes in the pudding ideas round up

These Double Chocolate Orange Cupcakes are a chocoholics dream!  With real chocolate in both the sponge and the buttercream, and finished with an oven-dried slice of orange you’ll soon be making another batch of these yummy cupcakes.

Find the recipe at Only Crumbs Remain

Platinum Pudding Competition inspiration

Now this a tart! This is my super simple tart recipe. It’s only 5 ingredients and always is a show stopper at events. I mean you can see why it’s gorgeous! Crushed bourbon biscuit base with chocolate truffle filling studded with raspberries. It’s sophisticated, homemade but stylish and of course absolutely delicious.

Find the recipe here

chocolate muscovado cake for the Platinum Pudding Competition

This Dense Chocolate Muscovado Cake is obscenely easy, quick and incredibly versatile. Unfussy and gooey but not too rich or overwhelming, it’s perfect for a simple birthday cake or a make ahead dessert and can be adapted to make a fancier layer cake or traybake.

Find the recipe at Feast Glorious Feast

Other chocolate puddings to make include;

Fruit Puddings

A lot of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations in 2022 will be happening on the special 4 day bank holiday in June. June is a great time for fresh fruit and seasonal fruit puddings. So fruit puddings could go down very well for the Platinum Pudding Competition.

lemon syllabub recipe

This elegant and light-as-air Lemon Syllabub has just 4 ingredients! Cream and booze form the perfect combination in this classic British recipe. It’s naturally gluten-free too. If you like a homemade dessert that can be made in 10 minutes or less, read on.

Get the full recipe for this lemon syllabub by The Family Food Kitchen

Union Jack tarte tatin in the Platinum Pudding Competition inspiration post

Rhubarb & Blueberry Tarte Tatin is as delicious as it is pretty and super easy to make. With a Union Jack or cartwheel pattern (you decide), it’s also fun to create!

Find the full tarte tatin recipe on Fab Food 4 All.

Platinum Pudding Competition inspiration

You’ll love this simple, delicious rhubarb and custard recipe, taking a classic flavour combination and serving it in elegant pudding bowls with a biscuit base.

Find the recipe at A Mummy Too

Other fruit puddings to try include;

Bitesize puddings

I love a bite-size pudding and these are brilliant tasty recipes which are great to make for a jubilee party! Bite-size pudding ideas are great fun for parties as everyone can try a little of everything.

bitesize pudding shortcake biscuits

This beautiful Shortcake biscuits recipe is perfect for the Platinum Pudding Competition, a Jubilee party or picnic.

Visit Casa Costello for the shortcake recipe.

bitesize pudding scones

Classic English Scones are light and airy with a slight crumble. A very British treat to which you can add different dried and fresh fruit. Usually served with afternoon tea and clotted cream and jam.

Make your own scones using the recipe by Culinary Ginger

bitesize pudding ideas

My bite-sized strawberry and chocolate pastry tart bites are a delicious party snack or summer dessert. The rich chocolate truffle and sweet fresh strawberry work perfectly together – and they’re perfect for BBQ season!

Check out these bite-sized strawberry and chocolate tarts recipe

Other bite-size puddings to try have to include;

Sponge Puddings

I feel like sponge cakes are so iconic for us Brits. Plus they are simple to make and can be dressed up a lot or a little depending on how fancy you want to go with your sponge pudding.

raspberry sponge cake for the Platinum Pudding Competition ideas round up

Sometimes you want a cake to be that little bit special; my Raspberry & Mascarpone Layer Cake is the perfect cake for any celebration.

Check out this beautiful cake by Curly’s Cooking

Platinum Pudding Competition pimm's cake

Hands up who wants a slice of this incredible Pimms Cake! This impressive cake is easy to make and a perfect summer cake for summer events and summer parties. It is also a brilliant showstopper cake to serve for the Platinum Pudding Competition.

Check out my Pimm’s Cake recipe

toffee pudding cakes for sponge puddings Platinum Pudding Competition

These super cute Sticky Toffee Cakes are utterly delicious and devastatingly moreish! Make this quick and easy blender recipe as mini cakes or cupcakes but don’t miss the tasty as heck butterscotch toffee buttercream and sauce. Be warned, you’ll want to put it on everything!

Find these Sticky Toffee Cakes at Feast Glorious Feast

Traditional British Puddings – A perfect Royal pudding

There are some great traditional British puddings that are delicious and worth trying at home. I of course had to feature some Union Jack decorated pudding recipes too.

Queen of puddings for a Royal Dessert

Queen of Puddings is a traditional British pudding that brings together a thick breadcrumb cake custard, raspberry jam and a fluffy crown of meringue. It’s easy and delicious.

Find the full recipe by Veggie Desserts

Summer pudding with lots of fruit

Summer pudding is the ultimate summer dessert. With just three ingredients, it’s a wonderfully simple recipe that’s bursting with fruity flavour. This is a top contender for fruity pudding ideas.

Make your own summer pudding with Vegan on Board’s recipe

Easy Trifle Pudding is a delicious, creamy and flavourful no-bake dessert layered with Jelly, creamy custard, softly whipped cream and fresh fruits. It is a perfect show stopper dessert that can prepare beforehand and stored in the refrigerator.

Make this trifle recipe by Pavanis Kitchen

Other traditional British puddings to make include;

No-Bake Puddings

If you are looking for a pudding for the June bank holiday then a cool or cold no-bake pudding might be the best idea. No ovens just allowing these desserts to set in the fridge is all you need to do.

no bake puddings inspiration.

Want a classic British trifle that’s easy to slice and serve and has a fun twist?! Introducing the show-stopping no-bake Sherry Trifle Cheesecake! It’s got all the flavours of a traditional trifle with sherry soaked strawberries, Bird’s custard and real cream topping! Brilliant!

Find the recipe at Feast Glorious Feast

Smarties cheesecake for no-bake desserts and puddings

In this easy to make no-bake Smarties cheesecake recipe, you can enjoy a smooth creamy vanilla cheesecake mixed in with plenty of multicoloured smarties. It is a perfect celebration cheesecake and is an easy to make ahead recipe too. You can easily make this recipe in a square cake tin and cut it up for Smarties cheesecake squares.

Find the recipe for this Smarties Cheesecake here

This no-bake Biscoff cheesecake is smooth, creamy and oh so delicious. With a crunchy Biscoff base and pretty drip edge it looks as good as it tastes! An easy recipe which is great for no-bake pudding ideas round up.

Check out the recipe on Keep Calm and Eat Ice Cream

Other no-bake recipes to enjoy have to include

Creamy Puddings

Creamy puddings are so luxurious and very popular at the moment. From rice puddings to custard bread puddings and beyond. Here are my top picks for creamy puddings for the Jubilee weekend.

Mango Rice Pudding (Mango Kheer) is an interesting twist to the authentic Indian rice pudding recipe. It is made by combining mango puree with rice pudding along with some chopped nuts. This recipe is as easy as it is delicious.

Find the recipe at This That More

This custard bread pudding isn’t your standard bread pudding recipe. Rich crème anglaise is poured atop a caramelized bread pudding and served with a fresh raspberry sauce for a dessert you won’t soon forget.

Click here for Christina Cucina’s custard bread pudding

Greek rice pudding is very creamy, but not too thick or sweet. There aren’t any eggs or cream, either, so it’s not that heavy or rich like a custard. Instead, it’s very light and velvety.

Visit Pastry Wishes for the full website

Other creamy puddings to try include;

Vegan Puddings for the Jubilee

Of course, I couldn’t leave out vegan puddings for the jubilee either. Here are some great recipes which are vegan or can easily be made vegan.

This Vegan Sticky Toffee Pudding is one of my favourite English desserts – warm, soft, decadent and oozing with the most gorgeous caramel. 

Find this recipe at Tasha’s Artisinal Food

This vegan pavlova tastes exactly like the traditional version. It’s sweet, light and crispy with a soft, marshmallow-y centre. Top it with vegan whipped cream and berries for a super impressive dessert!

Find the recipe at Baked by Clo

 This chocolate pudding is thick, creamy and so good. You can prepare it with just 6 simple ingredients. It’s an amazing vegan dessert, especially when topped with coconut whipped cream.

Find this recipe at Sunglow kitchen

Other Vegan puddings to try include;

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