Spirit of Christmas Fair Olympia London 2018

Read about my trip to the Spirit of Christmas Fair Olympia. The Christmas fair filled with beautiful decorations, delicious food and fabulous gifts.

I love Christmas! Any opportunity to do something Christmassy and I am there! I visited the Spirit of Christmas fair at Olympia last November to explore a fabulous range of homeware, decorations, food and gifts.

Dried Christmas fruits in the shape of a Christmas tree. Dried oranges and limes and pinecones.

The smells of Christmas! This stall had an incredible smell and sold bunches of pot-pourri in all sizes and styles. I picked up a packet and some extra oil to keep it going year after year for the Christmas period. As well as small bags there were also huge urns of dried fruit. Plus enormous wreathes which would leave your house smelling incredible for years.

A range of decorations at the Spirit of Christmas fair at Olympia. Car in a snowglobe, unicorn made in pearls, snow skater

There were the cutest hand made items at the fair including these beautifully illustrated stockings and banners from Crumble Cottage. Find them here. Little felt decorations are very much in style for Christmas this year and I think the little felt ones catch everyone’s eye. They ventured from little ornaments to giant garlands an hanging decorations too. The penguin with little scarves stole my heart.

Christmas interiors and decorations from the Spirit of Christmas fair. Penguin felt decorations.
Me at Olympia at the Spirit of Christmas Fair.

As well as the traditional decorations they had a great range of modern and of course a funky ways to decorate your home. I loved the pom pom corner. It was great to see bright fluorescent colours. Soft knitted pom poms garlands were on the top of my list for decorations. I think I would choose the white ones to look like snow balls.


Pom pom decorations for Christmas.
Christmas hanging glass decorations and candles for decorations.

Among the stalls selling gifts was the Print Rescuer. A lovely stall which I loved! They present and frame illustrations and quotes from children’s books. The prints and frames are so gorgeous and some beautiful quotes perfect gifts for any age. The one of a kind pieces are made from vintage books. Visiting ignites a lovely childhood glow and passion as soon as they were seen.

The Print Rescuer winnie the pooh quote and illustration.
The Print Rescuer

Food at The Spirit of Christmas Fair

On the top floor of the exhibition centre was a massive area dedicated to food. This included stalls from retailers, all who have won a Great Taste awards. I knew I would start there!

Great taste award winners at the Spirit of Christmas Fair Olympia in London in 2018.

There were some delicious stalls selling everything from Christmas puddings to cheese and cured meat. I loved how generous most of the stalls were with samples. Especially I loved the oils infused with so many different flavours. I loved the rosemary infused oil, there was also some interested flavours. Including basil flavoured which is now a favourite for drizzling over salads.

Flavoured oils, Christmas puddings big and small on sale in the food department.

Chocolates galore and they definitely were YUM. I loved trying the special Christmas flavours. As well as smaller brands there were also famous makers including Rococo.

All things Yummy at the spirit of christmas fair.

One of the best things I saw at the fair was this gingerbread Big Ben with Father Christmas’s legs sticking out of the top. It was about 4 foot tall and a really incredible edible engineering piece. I really wish I could have bought it home with me. There was also gorgeous raspberry gin company Pinkster. On their stall they had their raspberry gin on sale, however they also had their boozy berries which are the berries used to create their gin. The berries are strong to eat but wonderful to cook and bake with. They also had their raspberry liqueur perfect for adding to prosecco.

Gingerbread sculpture of Big Ben at the Spirit of Christmas Fair Olympia along with Pinkster gin.

Find out more about The Spirit of Christmas Fair and book your tickets for this year here. Feeling Christmassy explore my Christmas recipes here.

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