Red and Green Woodland Christmas Table

Take a look at my post full of photos from my Red and Green Woodland Christmas Table. Red berries, robins and green accents make this table great.

Last Christmas I really embraced the festive woodland for our Christmas Day table. I used mixes of real greenery fresh from the garden (and flower shop) and some garlands I bought from Tiger stores to add some vibrancy.

For the main photo above I made the candles look extra extravagant by taking a wreath and laying it on the table and adding the candle to the middle. This is a great way to add something extra special without spending loads of money. I’ve pinched the wreath off the wrong door a few times for the main dinner and popped it back before anyone noticed. This works for all sorts of wreaths and here are 5 of my favourite types that would work really well.

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Red and Green Woodland Christmas Table with pine cones and candles
glass jar with red ribbon and a robin on for the Christmas table.

For the place settings I used Victorian glass jars with a tealight in. I tied the outside with a little snippet of red ribbon and some faux green garland. For the name I used a beautiful slice of branch and using my finest calligraphy (I definitely need more practice) I wrote everyone’s names.

slice of branch with personalised name drawn on place setting.
I loved using slice of a tree branch for the name. Everyone kept theirs too which was lovely as I’ve seen them hanging as decorations in their houses since. It’s really nice to see that people appreciated the work that went into them.

The little touches on the Red and Green Woodland Christmas Table.

Finishing touches on the Red and Green Woodland Christmas Table with bundles of cinnamon sticks and pine cones.
Red and Green Woodland Christmas Table with red berries candle holder.

In the middle of the table I placed a long slice of tree I bought from a farm shop. It is a great a centre piece all year, especially for a Red and Green Woodland Christmas Table. I placed it on to a basic red table cloth which I think was a sheet originally as I couldn’t find a large enough red table cloth. On the slice of tree I build it up with candles, cinnamon sticks, pine cones, some fake holly leaves as I’m always worried hurting myself on it’s points. I am very good at hurting myself without trying. Clumsy galore.

I love building up the green and red and natural elements. It’s a simple one to make and might not be the most fancy but it’s homely and fun.

Sisley White Christmas at the Red and Green Woodland Christmas Table
Time to serve up Christmas dinner. Of course I went with a red tartan dress to go with the table theme. Nothing like being camouflaged to the dining table.

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  1. Absolutely love all of your recipes, ashamed to say I only just found your site. What a real treat to find a UK site like this, I’m so fed up of converting cups of anything and sticks of butter let alone ancient stone age Fahrenheit !!


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