Red Gold and Nature Christmas Table

My easy red, gold and nature Christmas table combines the best of traditional colours but in a stylish sophisticated way and has the wow factor!

Creating this Christmas table came out of loving the wreath I made this year. I used the same foliage to unite the welcoming wreath on the front door to the centre piece of the dining table. I love this idea and I will definitely do the same next Christmas.

First up here is the finished table. Then find out more about the wreath making. Followed by more details of all the little extra things I added to the table for the finished design.

The Finished Red Gold and Nature Christmas Table

Sisley white adding the final details to the Red Gold and Nature Christmas Table

I loved using the same greenery for the table. I kept the greenery that was left over in a vase with water until Christmas day. It lasted really well and over 3 weeks until it was needed. I placed the main serving bowl and place settings on the table to see where the space would be for the foliage. I used the centre of the table as where the foliage would come out from.

Like the wreath I started with the greenery and built up from there. Keeping the direction of the stems all the same. The pussy willow and gold leaves looked beautiful among the golden candles votives. The glistening was beautiful. If I was going to do it again I would possibly add some battery powered fairy lights to add some more sparkle to the table.

Red Gold and Nature Christmas Table using real foliage and candles on a red table cloth.

I used a range of votive candle holders most which had a gold pattern or texture to keep the gold tones going through the table. The greenery and candles looked so good against the red table back drop.

Making the Wreath to match which gave inspiration to the table

For my giant heart shaped wreath I needed a lot of foliage. Even though I needed a lot I only spent about £25 altogether. For the base green I had Christmas tree off cuts, eucalyptus and a mix of other greenery recommended to me at the florist. All of which take a long time to dry out so can last for a few weeks at Christmas. They will fade a little but nothing too drastic to take away from it’s beauty when it’s been made.

For the extra little beautiful flourishes I added some golden brushed leafs, pussy willow, white ferns that add the lovely snowy feel to the wreath. Most of these I bought from a florist but the pussy willow and gold brushed leaves. However I bought form Tesco as they often some good pieces like this perfect for the final flourish or adding to a home made bouquet.

Putting the wreath together

Heart shaped wreath ready to be made.

To start off I took the heart frame and wrapped it in tissue paper. This is so the stems have something to lean on and don’t fall through as you go. I tied it on with brown string and I was ready to go. The smell of the greenery was absolutely incredible.

Kitchen table filled with everything needed for wreath making.

With the greenery I cut up a good pile of each of the greens and the flourishes too. I started with tying the wire to frame at the top and started wrapping it around the green a little at a time and then kept building it up.

A range of greenery for the Christmas wreath including fir tree, eucalyptus and pussy willow.

Building up the greenery was a lot of fun. With the wire it gives you a great flexibility to go back and fix parts that you don’t like. Or if you have spaces you can add in the little extras. The wire is easy to manoeuvre when it’s in place. I love the way you can move things about as you go. It gives you great flexibility.

Half way through and the giant wreath weighed a ton but looked beautiful. As you go you follow the same flow to keep it looking equal. As the heart has a strong angle I worked with the greenery going downwards on both sides so it was a little more work than going all the round. I started at the top and work down each side.

The finished giant heart wreath ready to hand up at Christmas. Studded with golden leaves and pussy willow.

The finished wreath ready to be hung up.

The red gold and nature Christmas table final touches

Biscuiteers reindeer biscuit on the place setting for the Red Gold and Nature Christmas Table

For the final touches to bring in some foodie fun. Of course I had to add a foodie flourish to the final table! I used the gorgeous Christmas biscuits from The Biscuiteers as a little treat for everyone. They went down incredibly well and saved for tea after the meal. Apart from a few of us who had to have a taste straight away.

Biscuiteers Christmas biscuits used as a table gift on Christmas day

The square plates I build up to give this pattern. I topped it with the beautiful cup and saucer from Neptune home. To break up the white I used a gold and red napkin. It kept the colours of the table going and I think really tied everything in together in a really beautiful way. The biscuits looked way too cute! Eyes lit up when they were spotted.

Christmas table with red table cloth and fresh greenery studded with golden candles.

I love candles. They are great gifts and getting a range of gold tinted votives is a happy thing indeed. Amongst the greenery really made the table sparkle. (Of course be careful with greenery and candles!)

Sisley White Sew White by her Red Gold and Nature Christmas Table on Christmas day

Me ready for Christmas dinner! I love my Red Gold and Nature Christmas Table. It is a great mix of luxury and nature and warmly inviting to feast.

It was great to invite guests in with their fascination over the giant wreath to find the Christmas table matched. I will definitely keep up using the idea of the wreath and table matching.

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