Easter Inspiration Gifts

Easter Inspiration Gifts. I’ve come up with a super quick and cute way to give a tasty treats this Easter. Using a gorgeous Le Creuset mug, clear film, chocolate eggs and a ribbon you’ve got yourself a beautiful gift.

It’s a super cute present and one that will last a lot longer than a chocolate egg. The Le Creuset cups in the glacé range are a beautiful soft pastel colour which a shimmer coating too. It is so beautiful and I have loved having them in my kitchen. Giving beautiful cups is always a treat so that is what I did with these.

Cellophane wrapped mug with Easter eggs and a brown paper tag. Easter presents.

It could be used for any event but for Easter I filled the mug with large eggs. I love the super size of the mug. It is great for my tea addiction but as I found great for fitting a lot of eggs in too.

How to wrap a cup or mug in cellophane for a gift

Easter Inspiration Gifts wrapping up Le Creuset cups in cellophane filled with eggs.

It is super easy to do. Cut a large square of clear film. Place the cup in the middle and fill with eggs. Add a few extra so the cup overflows.

Easter Inspiration Gifts

Take the short sides of the film into the middle and then the corners. It won’t take long and will look so cute. You might need a friend or child to help hold the cellophane while you tie the bow.

Cute Easter gifts with Le Creuset.

Tie with a ribbon and add a little note or tag. I wanted to use a bright ribbon to go with the beautiful pastel colour mug.

wrapping up a mug filled with easter eggs and wrapped up with clear film and a ribbon.

My family loved receiving these as gifts over the Easter weekend. They love being able to have a cup of tea straight away especially as they are such great designs. Plus enjoying a chocolate with your tea.

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Easter Inspiration Gifts with Le Creuset glacé range.

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