Easter Table Inspiration – Pastel pinks, blues and purples

February 24, 2020Sew White

I’ve been planning my pastel Easter table so I thought I’d share what I created. I hope you enjoy my Easter Table Setting Inspiration.

Spring is finally in the air after all these storms, grey days and what seems like never ending rain. There are bulbs starting to grow in the garden and daffodils are giving some joy and brightness in the house. With spring and colour emerging I’ve been thinking about Easter and creating a beautiful pastel Easter table perfect for a family dinner.

The salt and pepper grinders are light blue and the drinking water glasses are tones of blues too. The pink fabric napkins stand out from the linen tablecloth and compliments the brighter pink flowers and foil eggs on the table with the white rabbits. I love how it all came together to make such a beautiful scene.

Centre of the table is my mums rabbit decoration which she absolutely loves. It can’t be Easter with our that rabbit in pride of place.

Table end of flowers

A spring Easter table needs flowers! For this table I bought and created two bouquets to act as book ends for the table. They had pink tulips, soft red roses, irises and a mix of greenery including ferns. To make them stand out I used two little pieces of fake grass to stand them on. I think this worked incredibly well. It make it look like the flowers were in the garden and bought a little more of the outside in. On this fake grass I decided to add a little bunny to each. These were once night lights but have no since had batteries but we have kept them and enjoyed them. On the grass they stood out more than on the table made this little nature scene so cute!

Easter Table Inspiration with pastel colours
the cutest rabbit statue  on fake green grass and with fresh tulips, irises, roses and greenery

Scattered over the table were pink and blue foiled eggs – once again keeping the colours together. For extra light I used candles in plain glass votives but also in star lanterns. I absolutely loved this table. It made everyone smile and we had an incredible Easter family lunch.

Easter Table Inspiration with pastel pink, blue and purples. Fresh flowers and little rabbits on fake grass.

For a cute way to give a gift and make a lovely place setting I used the beautiful choice of pastel Le Creuset mugs. They are so lovely to receive as a present. Plus perfect for filling with eggs and adding a gift tag to. The colours that Le Creuset have are so varied. They will fit in with any colour scheme you will have.

Little Touches for the Easter Table Inspiration

Easter crackers
white star lanterns with pom pom Easter rabbits on the Easter Table Inspiration

The little touches really make this table so cute. Filling the cups with eggs as presents, a little Easter cracker for some fun and even little pompom rabbits who have so much character. I mean just look at that face. They also all help bring in more of the colour palette. The touches of pastel pink from the nose and ear of the rabbit and the pinks and blues of the cracker added more of the colours around it, to the table.

pastel Easter table with pink napkins and settings of cups with mini eggs.

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  • Lucy

    February 26, 2020 at 2:56 pm

    This is the cutest Easter table. The colours are so beautiful. Pink tables are my favourite.

    1. Sew White

      February 28, 2020 at 9:17 pm

      You’re so sweet. I loved making it. I can’t wait to make another table again soon.

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