How to make Strawberry Hearts for Decorating Cakes

March 1, 2019Sew White

Strawberry Hearts are the cutest addition to cakes and bakes. They are simple to make and great fun for children to make with cookie cutters.

Making strawberry hearts are a super fast and lovely way to make decorations for your cakes to pancakes. They are so simple and have a great look to the dish plus they make people smile. All you need is strawberries and a heart shaped small cookie cutter.

Slice the strawberry in half and stamp out the hearts with the cookie cutter. It’s that simple. With the left over pieces I pop them in a blender and make a smoothie or I make a compote which I can keep in the fridge for later to go with a cheesecake or drizzle over pancakes.

Here are some examples of how I have used them

On Doughnut waffles

On my Pimm’s Cake

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