• Cranberry and Orange Loaf

    February 28, 2020Sew-White

    My cranberry and orange loaf is a delicious, fruity and moist loaf perfect for enjoying freshly baked warm from the oven.

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  • Black Forest Cake

    February 15, 2020Sew-White

    My take on the classic Black Forest Cake combines the flavours of chocolate and cherries in a light sponge bundt cake perfect for afternoon tea.

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  • Orange Drizzle Cake

    December 31, 2019Sew-White

    My Orange Drizzle Cake recipe is full of the fresh and fruity orange flavours combined with light and fluffy sponge cake.

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  • Lemon Spice Cakes

    December 7, 2019Sew-White

    I absolutely love these Lemon Spice Cakes. They are a delicious mix of lemon citrus, sweetness from the cake and spice which tastes like Christmas.

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  • White Chocolate and Cranberry Cake

    November 20, 2019Sew-White

    Tis the season to enjoy my delicious white chocolate and cranberry cake. It’s fruity, sweet and creamy. Plus oh so delicious.

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  • Black Forest Christmas Bundt Cake

    November 13, 2019Sew-White

    Enjoy a slice of the Black Forest Christmas Bundt Cake this festive period. It’s made with delicious cherry yoghurt and chocolate chips.

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  • Biscoff Cookies

    October 28, 2019Sew-White

    Biscoff Cookies I think are a way of elevating that incredible Lotus Biscoff flavour from it’s delicious biscuit to something far more delicious. Turning them from biscuit to cookie!

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  • Blackberry and Ginger Cake

    September 13, 2019Sew-White

    This moist and slightly spicy Blackberry and Ginger Cake is a yoghurt based cake with mixed spice and ground ginger. A warming bake for autumn days.

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  • Orange Lavender Loaf

    July 14, 2019Sew-White

    Orange Lavender Loaf is a wonderful summer bake. It combines the fruitiness of oranges and floral delight of lavender. Perfect for picnics.

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  • Strawberry Prosecco Cake

    July 2, 2019Sew-White

    Enjoy a slice of my Strawberry Prosecco Cake this summer. It’s a fruity light sponge with prosecco drizzle. Made in a Le Creuset Kugelhopf tin.

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  • Cranberry and Lime Hot Cross Buns

    March 30, 2019Sew-White

    My Cranberry and Lime Hot Cross Buns are a super twist on the classic treat for Easter.

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  • Afternoon Tea Fruit Scones

    March 25, 2019Sew-White

    Whip up a batch of the fruity and crumbly Afternoon Tea Fruit Scones this weekend for Mother’s Day. Then is the question which comes first – jam or cream?

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  • Easter Pinata Cake

    March 19, 2019Sew-White

    Every Easter table deserves a beautiful centre piece and this is one for the whole family. Enjoy my Speckled Easter Pinata Cake. Easy to make and delicious.

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