• Best Cranberry Sauce Recipe

    December 24, 2021Sew-White

    This traditional cranberry sauce recipe is so easy to make and is perfect to store in the fridge until you need it or even freeze for later. There is nothing better than making your own in my opinion, you can make a lot without spending much money and I think it tastes so much better too.

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  • Cranberry Sausage Rolls Recipe

    December 4, 2021Sew-White

    There is nothing better than a sausage roll however adding cranberry sauce takes it to the next level. This cranberry sausage rolls recipe is a fabulous way to use up leftover cranberry sauce from Christmas dinner to create delicious Christmas party food. This is the perfect get ahead sausage roll recipe for Christmas. Make them days in advance and store them in the fridge or make them weeks in advance and store them in the freezer.

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  • Chocolate Cranberry Cake – Easy Christmas Loaf with Terry’s Chocolate Orange Bars

    October 15, 2020Sew-White

    Terry’s Chocolate Orange and cranberries are two of the most iconic flavours for Christmas. In this easy Christmas loaf I combine them to make a delicious and easy Christmas loaf. This chocolate cranberry cake is a soft Christmas sponge with chocolate orange pieces. Then I added in dried cranberries to add some beautiful sweetness to the finished bake. A wonderful bake for a Christmas afternoon tea. It’s also a lovely easy Christmas cake for friends and family, which isn’t your usual fruit cake. Enjoy my chocolate orange loaf.

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  • Cranberry Bundt Cake with lemon

    March 1, 2020Sew-White

    My Cranberry Bundt Cake with lemon is a delicious show stopper of a cake. It’s also so easy to make and quick to decorate. If you don’t have a bundt tin this recipe can be used for a normal layer cake too.

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  • Orange Cranberry Loaf Cake

    February 28, 2020Sew-White

    This light and fluffy Orange Cranberry Loaf Cake is packed with dried or fresh cranberries and zesty orange flavour. The cake is simple to make in one bowl with no fancy equipment. And the decoration is so simple you can enjoy it freshly baked and warm from the oven without delay! Plus it’s an ideal Christmas Loaf Cake if you are looking for something a little lighter than traditional fruit cake.

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  • Cranberry White Chocolate Cookies

    January 3, 2020Sew White

    Cranberry and White Chocolate Cookies are my favourite bake at Christmas. The creamy white chocolate and sweet cranberries are fantastic together.

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  • Cranberry Cheesecake – no bake

    December 12, 2018Sew-White

    My delicious no-bake Cranberry Cheesecake is a beautifully fruity and creamy dessert, packed with iconic Christmas flavours of cranberry and orange. A Christmas cranberry cheesecake is a wonderful alternative (or addition) dessert to a Christmas fruit cake, while still having all the flavours of the festive season.

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