• Easy Strawberry Rum Cocktail

    July 19, 2021Sew-White

    *the glasses and rum are gifted – recipe and content is my own* Fresh strawberries, rum and ginger ale are a match made in heaven. This easy Strawberry Rum Cocktail is the perfect way to cool down on a hot day, or warm up on a cold day with the delicious spiced rum. This strawberry ginger cocktail is a wonderful summer drink, an easy party cocktail to make at home and is also an easy rum cocktail. As a refreshing rum strawberry cooler, you easily make a large jug and serve it at a summer party or event.

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  • Strawberry Passionfruit Pavlova

    June 7, 2021Sew-White

    The pavlova is a classic summer dessert. This Strawberry Passionfruit Pavlova not only has a gorgeous easy to make meringue base, but the cream topping with strawberries and passionfruit is just delightful. It’s fresh and fruity and the best thing is it can be made ahead and bought out when ready. It really is a show stopper of a dessert. It is perfect for summer picnics, summer parties and events in the summer months.

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  • Pimms Cake

    May 14, 2021Sew-White

    Hands up who wants a slice of this incredible Pimms Cake! This is a gorgeous citrus cake with a Pimm’s syrup drizzle, topped with a cream cheese buttercream and studded with all the iconic Pimm’s fruit. This impressive cake is easy to make and a perfect summer cake for summer events and summer parties. It is also a brilliant showstopper cake to serve during Wimbledon fortnight as a tennis party cake.

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  • Strawberry Bread and Butter Pudding

    May 3, 2020Sew-White

    This delicious Strawberry Bread and Butter Pudding is easy to make and is topped with flaked almonds and oven baked. It is a great family favourite pudding recipe and easy dessert to make at home. There is nothing better than an easy homemade bread and butter pudding.

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  • Quick & Easy Raspberry & Strawberry Jam

    September 7, 2018Sew-White

    With so much gorgeous fresh fruit available in the summer, I decided it was the perfect time to make my easy strawberry and raspberry jam! This recipe makes a very generous amount – just over 3 litres in total! However, after a lot of jam experimentation, I’ve decided that the recipe is perfect as it’s by far the best jam that I’ve ever made!

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  • Individual Dessert Strawberry & Chocolate Tart Bites

    July 11, 2018Sew-White

    My bite-sized strawberry and chocolate pastry tart bites are a delicious party snack or summer dessert. The rich chocolate truffle and sweet fresh strawberry work perfectly together – and they’re perfect for BBQ season!

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  • Super Easy Orange Scones – Wimbledon Afternoon Tea

    July 3, 2015Sew-White

    My orange scones are so soft, delicate and have that beautiful smell and flavour of the fresh orange.

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