Christmas Recipes Using Mincemeat – Easy Leftover Mincemeat Recipes

Mincemeat is a classic Christmas preserve. It is full of dried fruit, apple and of course delicious Christmas spices like cinnamon and ground ginger. In my Christmas recipes using mincemeat round up, I’ve pick my top favourite recipes that use mincemeat to try this winter.

Make your own mincemeat. I have a vegan slow cooker mincemeat recipe and a cranberry mincemeat recipe. Both are delicious and both work incredibly well.

slow cooker vegan mincemeat in the recipes using mincemeat round up
Slow Cooker Vegan Mincemeat

This Slow Cooker Mincemeat uses a classic recipe packed with dried fruits, spices, nuts. citrus and brandy. With only one simple swap from the traditional ingredients, it becomes the perfect vegetarian and vegan mince pie filling. It really isn’t Christmas in the UK without the heady aroma of mince pies and you won’t regret levelling up by making your own filling.

cranberry mincemeat in the in the recipes using mincemeat round up
Christmas Cranberry Mincemeat

Making your own cranberry mincemeat for mince pies at Christmas is so easy. This luxury mincemeat recipe mixes together beautiful flavours of fresh apple, dried fruit, brandy, nuts, and fresh cranberries (dried cranberries work too). Based on a traditional mincemeat recipe this recipe works not only for mince pies but makes a great Christmas gift too.This is a take on a classic British mincemeat recipe.


Top Questions

How long does Christmas mincemeat last?
Can I use mincemeat from last year?
Can you freeze Christmas mincemeat?
How do you moisten dry mincemeat?
Can I add brandy to a jar of mincemeat?
What can I add to store bought mincemeat?
How do you eat mincemeat?

How long does Christmas mincemeat last?

Christmas mincemeat will last for years! Once you have made your mincemeat, place it in a jar while hot jar. Then once it’s fully cooled, be sure to properly store the Christmas mincemeat in a cool, dark cupboard and it will last for many Christmases to come.

Once open use within a few months and store in the fridge.

Mincemeat Traybakes –recipes using mincemeat

almond and mincemeat bars in the recipes using mincemeat round up
Almond and Mincemeat Bars by Recipes Made Easy

These Almond and Mincemeat Bars consist of two layers of delicious crumbly biscuit sandwiched together with sweet mincemeat and topped with crunchy flaked almonds.

Mincemeat Brownies by Only Crumb Remain

This brownie recipe is not only a delicious Christmas bake but also the perfect way of using half a jar of sweet mincemeat.  It’s delicious and indulgent as you would expect with a brownie recipe that includes real chocolate in the mixture.

mince pie cake in the recipes using mincemeat round up
Mincemeat Cake

What can possibly be better than mince pies and a cake in one? It is a soft and moist cake filled with mincemeat and Christmas spices to create a truly delicious mincemeat cake.

Other recipes to try;

Can I use mincemeat from last year?

Yes, you can mincemeat from last year. If properly stored your mincemeat will last for years. Just be sure to keep it in a cool and dark place. A perfect pantry staple.

If the mincemeat from last year is open, but still in the fridge, have a look and smell it to see if it’s still usable. It should be fine but if there is any mould or it smells off then don’t use it.

Loaf and Cake recipes using mincemeat

Mincemeat Loaf Cakes by Something Sweet Something Savoury

The cakes really couldn’t be easier to make – all the ingredients are mixed in one bowl  (my favourite kind of recipe!) so it takes mere minutes to put together. Perfect for this time of year when we are all so busy! 

Mince Pie Cupcakes by Charlotte’s Lively Kitchen

Mince Pie Cupcakes – Almond cupcakes with a festive mincemeat centre and topped with brandy buttercream. This recipe is another ‘nearly-a-mince-pie’, for anyone that fancies a twist.

Mincemeat Almond Cake by Curlys Cooking

Deliciously moist Mincemeat & Almond Cake which is perfect served as an afternoon treat or warm as a comforting dessert. How would you eat yours?

Other recipes to try;

Can you freeze Christmas mincemeat?

Yes, you can freeze mincemeat for up to 3 or 4 months. It will keep for longer if you keep it in the cupboard rather than freezing it.

If you do want to freeze your mincemeat, I would suggest freezing it in small batches so easy to defrost when you need it. Freezing it in freezer bags or sandwich bags to make it easier to defrost. Don’t freeze the jars as they might break.

Recipes using Mincemeat – new ways to make Mince Pies

Puff Pastry Mince Pies by Feast Glorious Feast

Puff Pastry Mince Pies are a flaky update on a British Christmas classic. Packed with traditional fruity mincemeat and topped with sugar crusted star shaped lids, my easy pie making method not only minimises waste but bakes up to look simply stunning.

crumble topped mince pies in the in the recipes using mincemeat round up
Mince Pies with Cinnamon Crumble Topping by Gluten Free Alchemist

Perfectly seasonal Christmas Mince Pies made with a gluten free cherry-almond pastry. These traditional pies are made extra special with a cinnamon-spiced crumble topping.

filo pastry mince pies in the recipes using mincemeat round up
Filo Pastry Mince Pie Rolls

These Filo Pastry Mince Pie Rolls are a delicious twist on the classic British festive treat. Extra crispy and spiked with cranberry sauce, they’re easy to make, easy to bake and easy to eat.

Other recipes to try;

How do you moisten dry mincemeat?

If your mincemeat is dry, you can add some more alcohol, citrus juice or water to moisten the dry mincemeat. This will also enhance the flavour of your homemade mincemeat. Brandy is the perfect way to moisten dry mincemeat.

Can I add brandy to a jar of mincemeat?

Yes, you can absolutely add brandy to your mincemeat. Brandy is a deliciously warm and rich spirit perfect for a jar of mincemeat.

Add the brandy while you cook the mincemeat. Cooking the brandy through with the dried fruit, will combine with all the flavours to make a delicious homemade mincemeat.

Mincemeat sharing desserts

Christmas tree recipes using mincemeat
Mincemeat Puff Pastry Christmas Tree

This mincemeat puff pastry Christmas tree is so easy to make and is possibly the best Christmas party sharing food. The sticky and fruity mincemeat is filled with Christmas spices and smells incredible when baking in the oven. This easy recipe turns the humble mince pie into a Mince pie Christmas tree with puff pastry.

Mincemeat Madeleines by Fuss Free Flavours

These mincemeat Madeleines are a delicious, light alternative to mince pies; prepare the batter ahead, and you can produce fresh Madeleines in minutes.

Mincemeat Scones by Charlotte’s Lively Kitchen

Christmas scones – brandy scones with mincemeat and marzipan. A festive twist on a classic afternoon tea treat or a perfect way to celebrate December birthdays.

Other recipes to try;

What can I add to store bought mincemeat?

You can add your own brandy or other spirits to store-bought mincemeat. You can also add dried cranberries, dried apricots or your favourite chopped nuts to the mincemeat.

Family-friendly mincemeat recipes

Mincemeat Muffins by Apply to Face Blog

Easy Mincemeat Muffins are packed full of traditional Christmas flavours and super simple to make. Perfect for cake sales and festive treats at the drop of a snowflake. A great way to use up any leftover mincemeat too.

Puff Pastry Mincemeat Pinwheels

If you love mince pies or you’re looking for ideas with what to do with a leftover mincemeat, then you need this puff pastry mincemeat pinwheels recipe. Perfect for family baking, making as a Christmas party food or just having with a cup of tea. These puff pastry mincemeat twists pair very well with a mulled wine too.

Mincemeat thumbprint Cookies by Curly’s Cooking

All the tasty flavours you’d expect from a mince pie but quicker and easier! These Mincemeat Thumbprint Cookies are the perfect treat to rustle up over Christmas.  

Other recipes to try;

Leftover mincemeat recipes

How do you eat mincemeat?

You can eat mincemeat in any of your favourite Christmas recipes. Try adding it to your favourite mince pies, or any one of these recipes listed in this mincemeat recipes round up.

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